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Retaining our hearts


IF we were to o tak take a clos- l er look at our hearts, we would realise dongas full of pain, covered in clots of blood. That makes it have a look of healing. But deep inside it, is a raging pain that is deep and will probably take the longest time to heal.

The saddest reality in this world is that, every good person goes through the most pain. The world is as cruel as evil itself, and it seems to be out there to take away any goodness that comes from anybody. Hence, every one with a good and pure heart intending to love is always left broken, hurt and shattered. What hurts the most is that they suffer so much pain, and they try to bury the pain so that they still get a chance to help and uplift others while going through the most.

They are disappoint­ed by those they try to motivate and inspire. Still they forgive and give them yet another chance, chance not know knowing that they are digging themselves a deep grave they will not be able to get out of, if they do, they would have made an escape through making themselves and their happiness a sacrifice. The big question is, does forgivenes­s mean giving people another chance?


Forgivenes­s is a sign of a morally conscious heart. A heart willing to do well in this cruel world. Sadly, people always take advantage of kindness. I do not know why, but they always find a way to abuse their pure being.

Well, like we know how pure hearts are, they always let it pass, let it slide because they trust that people just need second chances so they could do better. Because they always see well in others.

But forgiving those that have wronged us does not always mean that we need to be laughing with them again, it doesn’t tell us that we should bring them back into our lives.

Let us be honest, bringing them back will not mend any brokenness, we will still remain broken and hurt, but forgiving them will guarantee us a peace of mind, it will ensure that we are at peace with ourselves and it will make us build a backbone to hold us still and strong.

So when we forgive, we should not always do it for the sake of trying to fix things, instead we should do it for ourselves, for us to be at peace. We need to be careful of who we allow back into our lives, because some people we give them millions of chances even when they do not deserve them, and we bring them straight into our dreams and we always hit the rock bottom every time they show us that cruel is who they truly are .

We should learn to be at peace with who we are, because that defines us, our being.

In order to be at peace with which we are, when they do us wrong, we should forgive them, and we must heal ourselves and give us another chance, being careful however that we do not lose ourselves in the process. Because, the most important person we have after everything is ourselves, and if we destroy that, we would have nothing to hold onto.

Sorry might be a reassuring word, but it may also be a threat, a vessel that allows us to continuous­ly welcome pain in the name of kindness.

So ours is to be careful and taking heed of our kind nature does not destroy us. Let us forgive, but never be taken advantage of !

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