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5 Favourite Things with Mrs Universe SEMI- fiNALIST CHAKAZILE


THIS week on ‘ Five Favourite Things’ we have Mrs Universe semi- finalist who is the only one representi­ng Eswatini in this pageant.

Miss Universe

Africa is a p age ant compe titi on that is

jo in edji db yb widowed, idd di divorced as well as married women who seek to find themselves again.

Born Chakazile Motsa and known as Queen Chaka, was groomed by the dusty streets of Lobamba at Mcaphozini.

She was once crowned as Second Princess in Miss Cultural Heritage competitio­n in 2011, she is the founder of Miss Cultural Heritage Lobamba as well as the only Mrs Universe Africa 2023 semi- finalist representi­ng the Kingdom of Eswatini.

She shared what her five favourite things are.

Shoes: High igh heel shoes are my favourite fit for a queen. As Queen Chaka ka when I’m on heels even my walk changes es to fit that of f a queen. To me they are like flat shoes because use I can go dance, run and jump in them. And for the fact that most people fail to use them, I feel like they are challengin­g so I love a challenge.

Food: One pot meal is my favourite as it reduces time spent in the kitchen. I enjoy making it when I had a very long day as it is the quickest meal to be served.

Pageant winner:

Zozibini Tunzi Miss Universe 2019, she is a black beautiful queen who inspired many of Africans that in this world we live in anything is possible you just need to be true to yourself and be positive and the universe will be positive towards you.

Car: G- Wagon, I love the comfort and space it has. As a lover of long distance drive, it’s the best. Also as a prayer warrior it would be the ideal car to drive when I wish to have a prayer session in the mountains. I really love it with all my heart.

Handbag: Any bag from Versace they have that queenly feeling. They are very strong and stylish, fit for a Queen.

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