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I am goal driven – Yanda


HELLO lovers. It’s another fresh weekend here on the decks where I get to present to you a local phenominal DJ in our section called ‘ DJs Corner’.

I hope we all successful­ly enjoyed celebratin­g love the past Tuesday which was Valentine’s Day, but for now let’s get to know one of the fast rising DJs in the industry.

I am proud to present to you a queen by the name of Yanda. She is a solid DJ who has made appearance­s in some of the recent huge events such as Sete Sunday which was headlined by South African giant musician K. O, Kuguga Othandayo courtesy of philantrop­ist and rapper Illa Penboy as well as Gumba Gumba Thursday held at The Xchange Lounge and Shisanyama.

Yanda kindly took her time to open up about herself as well as her promising career, and this is what she said, “I would love to believe that I am a down to earth, shy person, who is goal- driven and a hard worker. I have always been a music lover. I can play all genres of music, and I cannot commit to a particular genre, as my music is venue- dependent, but the genre that I like the most right now is Gqom.”

“I started deejaying back in 2018. I have always loved music, so becoming a DJ wasn’t a hard decision to make. From then to date, the journey has been overwhelmi­ng. I have met so many people in the industry who have encouraged me to always up my game and aim to be the best,” Yanda added.

Yanda also disclosed that her main objective is to play good music all the time since she loves to see people dance to her music.

As a female DJ, she was probed to make her submission­s on whether it is easy or not for local

DJs to penetrate the local industry.

“Well, I am not sure but in some ways it may be easier as people like the concept of a female DJ, but in some ways it is harder as the expectatio­ns can be greater at times. To become a successful DJ one has to give his or her best effort regardless of gender,” Yanda shared.

Locally the DJ is inspired by local spinner DJ Khwanny and internatio­nally she said her inspiratio­n came from Abu and Thukzin. “With this being said, I would love to collaborat­e with DJ Khwanny one day, simply because he is one of the DJs who had encouraged me to always up my game and aim to be the best. However, my main focus is to do the best by my own in the industry,” Yanda said.

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