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When they are online, no text – Ronnie, KingMora


HStraight Talkers! I recall it was Valentine’s Day four days back, February 14, which was on Tuesday if you may check the calendar. With that being said, I hope you all are still opening some boxes and still trying to finish that 24- bar chocolate you got on the day. But then if you never got to open a box on the day of love, I must say that you are not alone Straight Talker’s as I might as well be on that edge.

Anyways, let’s leave the past Tuesday in the past. This week on Straight Talker I am pleased to present to you local rising stand- up comedians who go by the name of Ronnie and KingMora.

Like some of the well- known local stand- up comedians in the country, they are penetratin­g the market through the digital space. On TikTok they are currently boasting with 6 400 followers and 54 200 likes.

On Facebook, they are currently bagging 4 700 likes and 6 900 followers and most of these are local fans. Let’s take the Mathematic­s away, these comedians got to share with us some of the things that girls do which boys don’t like. Ladies, we are still in the month of love, ensure you get your notebook so you can take a few tips on how to avoid him from taking back that Valentine’s Day gift. Well then, let’s hear from the comedians, I hope you enjoy.

ELLO Being online f or too long when you’re not even chatting to me.

Girls who stay online on social media, especially messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook are a real turn off for us as men. We subsequent­ly feel incomplete, less valuable and even to the extent where we feel like there are too many of us trying to get her attention. We are quickly brought to the thought that they might be even cheating on us.

Girls who befriend men.

We as men, well most of us are of the belief that our girlfriend­s should have female friends instead of male friends. That is simply because nowadays it’s very easy to catch feelings, the more time you spend with an opposite sex raises the risks. So for us as boys we feel like male friends for our girls are a big no.

Girls who communicat­e with strangers over the phone.

Repeated or constant communicat­ion with people we as their boyfriends don’t know, will obviously make us feel insecure and creates much anger in us. One moment you are having a good time with your girl then suddenly there is an incoming call from a person you don’t know. Worst part, she answers the call and begins to make movements away from you as if there was a network problem where you are. That automatica­lly raises suspicions in us and obviously we will have anger in us which will lead to a serious confrontat­ion, thus damaging the strength of our relationsh­ip.

Girls who watch too much hours of Indian soapies.

Nowadays Girls tend to watch Indian soapies which deprives us of quality time together as a couple. Another thing since most Indian soapies are about love and the fact that girls easily catch feelings, we as men no longer feel safe about our girls easily catching feelings. We no longer trust anything.

Girls who never admit even if they are wrong.

Some girls have pride which is a real turn- off for us men. We believe that when our girlfriend­s are wrong they must humble themselves and apologise, not to justify themselves over something which clearly was of her wrongdoing.

Girls who go for night parties.

Some of us men believe that nights are for spending quality time together after a long day of work. A girl who goes out at night when she is supposed to be with you, will obviously weaken the relationsh­ip because of the scarcity of time together.

Girls who eat too much.

A girl who eats more than her man is also a big no for us. Short story, one day KingMora once took her girlfriend out for dinner, without the knowledge Ronnie, to a fancy local food franchise. During their time together on the table just when they had finished their food. King Mora’s girlfriend was seemingly not full and she ended up screaming inside the restaurant full of people and was like “Ngicela longasidli sigogo senyama asibuyise lakimi”. So in short, to avoid embarrassm­ent and breaking of furnitures in the house, a girl must monitor her eating habits.

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