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Nsingizini’s fall from grace


Al, l ah, all over the track Uh pardon me uh, as I comeback! Al, l ah, all over the track Uh pardon me uh, as I comeback! Al, l ah, all over the track Uh pardon me uh, as I comeback! Al, l ah, all over the track Uh pardon me uh, as I comeback!

Ayy, More life

Peng ting, a sight for sore eyes

Dark days friends were few, it’s alright Turned that pain to fuel and survived Ooh, ooh, now I’m stronger

Backstage in the coupe like Lorcia Spin moves in the paint like Jordan Girlfriend on her bull***, that’s Taurus Star signs, pull up and shine at Nostra GALXBOY, that’s culture

I’ve been on top for a long time Champion chips, ama big corn bites People say ‘ Hip Hop died’, that’s nonsense

Thank God they showed their true colours

Switched up piano like vultures

All in my feelings, I can’t conceal it I take it all the way

I’m playin’ hard to get

This life is different, it’s risky business Lemons to lemonade, lemons to lemonade

Gazi we’re taking things slowly following devastatin­g news of the assassinat­ion of one of the endowed South African rappers, AKA. What a loss!

Just in September last year, alongside Nasty C, they delivered this joint track which they titled, ‘ Lemons’ ( Lemonade). Singena with this song in memory of the fallen Fella in Versace hitmaker.

If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, we would walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again. Sleep well grootman. See you in the morning.


We know some of you are nursing broken hearts after the glorified women’s day called Valentine’s Day this past Tuesday.

Tsine as Shwashwaza Crew the word hurt never exists in our vocabulary, as we ensure that we always play our cards right. If we had all the time, we were going to share love tips.

However, the space allocated by u- Mlangeni is limited. We cannot abuse this forum and start playing Dr Love. Hehehehe.

It has been a fairly quiet week in local football, which is a welcome change.

Local football was quickly becoming synonymous with drama.

From violence to cancelled games, it was becoming a norm. We hope the Premier League of Eswatini ( PLE) will find a lasting solution on the matter


The weeks leading to the breakup are the most confusing. You will be trying your best to stop it from happening while the other person is determined to make it happen.


Primary school

of paramedics, which is a thorny issue for teams.

Paying E6 000 per match for hosting teams is extremely ridiculous. Some teams do not even make that much in gate takings.

There is too much on the PLE’s plate, as the ticketing issue remains unresolved.

The need to fully revert to the MoMo ticketing system cannot be overstated, if the

Primary school was wild. Girls would leave you for the fastest boy in the school. ***

Good people

Good people are found on every corner of the earth. Unfortunat­ely, the earth is round.

elite football office is to be taken seriously by league sponsors, MTN Eswatini.

The terms of the new agreement between the PLE and MTN Eswatini are clear on return on investment and the ticketing issue is an interestin­g test for the former.

Gazi by now you are aware that we no longer beat around the bush.

FR O M t i t l e c o n t e n d e r s to fighting for a top four spot. That is the story of glamorous rookies Nsingizini Hotspurs, who find themselves 11 points adrift of the top after round 15 out of 26 in the MTN Premier League.

The latest 0- 1 setback against Mbabane Highlander­s has left questions mark about their seriousnes­s to challenge for the league title.

The 2022 MoMo Cup champions find themselves trying to fit a square peg into a round hole in a bid to record their first win in the new year.

They host resurgent Mbabane Swallows in their next outing. Talk about jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

For a team in its first season in top flight football, it is no train smash. They were already punching above their weight in the first half of the season.

They should just prioritise survival. Finishing in the top four will be a bonus.


The Shwashwaza Crew will leave no stone unturned in a bid to find the cause for the sudden change of fortunes. We are done with our preliminar­y investigat­ion and watch this space for the findings.

By the look of things, we will need at least two pages and a half, as the findings seem to be longer than the Amazon River.

The title race on its own promises to be one to remember and tsine we like the twist and turns.

The obvious contenders at this stage are forces sides in leaders Green Mamba, Young Buffaloes as well as Mbabane Swallows and Mbabane Highlander­s.

Since tsine we’re gifted in foreseeing things, we’re tempted to predict the winners even before week 20. Iyawubanjw­a nguleshone nayo. You snooze, you lose.

Sesivele sicondza endza beni. A top Mbabane side finds itself in a precarious situation, as two of their stars are at each other’s throats over a little nyoninyoni.


Sisi lona, it was gathered, dumped the bench warmer for the other player who features regularly.

The jilted player is not going down without a fight, as he feels undermined by his teammate longamudze kakhulu. We hope there will be a lasting solution to this before the team finds itself choosing sides.

As Shwashwaza Crew, we can advise the jilted guy to move on.

There is plenty of fish in the sea. Kushaywa ngesitina is not a good thing but life must go on. We can say cina mfowethu.

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