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Sukoluhle sheds 20kg in one year, wants muscles

- Sanele Jele

Sukoluhle weighed 118kg before she started training and has lost 20kg so far.

MBABANE – Sukol u h - l e D l a m i n i ’ s f i t n e s s journey is one that will inspire many. We got in touch with Dlamini and she tells us how she managed to lose 20kg in a space of about a year.

The 26- year- old tells us what motivated her fitness and health journey. She also opens up on how she gained weight.

Dlamini mentioned that stressing out about life challenges resulted into depression and in turn saw her indulging in an unhealthy diet.

Seeing that she was gaining weight, she felt the need to do something about it. Read on as she shares all about her inspiratio­nal healthy living journey.

Sukoluhle Dlamini 26 years old.

I live

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Park. at Ngwane

When did you start training and what was the motivation behind?

“I started this journey around April in 2022, having noticed some serious weight gain after the COVID- 19 pandemic. I sank into depression and that led to me putting on a lot of weight. I didn’t like what I saw so I decided to change it.”

BEFORE: Sukoluhle Dlamini weighed 118kg before she started training.

What was your weight then compared to now?

“My weight back then was about 118kg and now I am 98kg.”

What sort of lifestyle contribute­d to your weight gain?

“Since I had gone into a bit of a depressive state of mind, I started to indulge in junk food at any given chance. It was a temporary relief with long- term effects. It felt good but later I just hated myself. So, the weight just kept piling on.”

What kind of exercises do you do?

“I did a lot of walking and a bit of running from time to time. I then joined the Biggest Loser at Fitness Zone which also helped me a lot. I also joined the Taekwondo Next Generation team at Fitness Zone which helped me gain fitness, discipline and focus. I am accountabl­e to my Master Sizwe Mabuza, my coaches Manqoba Motsa and Wandile Maziya.”

Do you stick to a specific nutritiona­l programme?

“I had to change my lifestyle, I changed my diet, and I became more active. I took note of every little thing that I ate. I cut off starch completely. I would have it once a month as a reward.”

What challenges do you normally encounter in keeping up with your new lifestyle and how do you handle them?

“My challenges are usually time management, having to balance work and working out. Sometimes I have to force myself to go to the gym because I’m so tired from work. It’s always worth it though. Then of course the monthly cravings are hell. It takes everything in me not to succumb.”

How has your life improved so far and how do you impact the people, especially ladies in your circle or community?

“My life has improved drasticall­y, I am a whole new person, and I am more active. I am more confident. I am comfortabl­e in my clothing and I can wear just about anything. I would say I have impacted the people around me quite a bit, every time they see my weight loss they ask me how I did it and ask to join me on my journey. A few have started to work out as well. More than anything I’m just trying to encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle.”

What are your weight and fitness goals given a certain time frame? How hard or easy will it be to achieve that goal?

“My weight goal for now is to be at least 70kg, hopefully in the next year. I know it’s still a long way to go but I know I can do it. I even want to have a bit of a six pack and some muscles. I want to have a beautiful physique all together.”

What advice can you share with other people, who face weight problems but lack the courage to start exercising and make it a lifestyle?

“What matters most is to start, just start, and give yourself at least three days a week to exercise. Take your time, be patient with yourself. Start small and let your body lead you.”

What is your motivation slogan?

“My slogan is ‘ you can do it if you want it badly enough’.”

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AFTER: She has lost 20kg now.
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