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Be warned of these 4 tertiary institutio­ns


MBABANE – The Eswatini Higher Education Council (ESHEC) urges the public not to utilise services of four tertiary institutio­ns that are operating without recognitio­n.

These institutio­ns have been added to the other four institutio­ns whose registrati­on for the current year was denied.

The four were identified as Covenant Christian College in Mbabane, Internatio­nal Executive Training Centre in Manzini, Sign Language College and Tisukumele Life Skills, also in Manzini


ESHEC is an independen­t body corporate that was establishe­d in 2015, through the Higher Education Act No. 2 of 2013. It is responsibl­e for the registrati­on, establishm­ent, accreditat­ion and regulation of all institutio­ns of higher learning, such as colleges and universiti­es as stipulated in the Act.

Just a month ago, ESHEC published both in the print media and on its official website and/or social media platforms a list of accredited institutio­ns, both private and public, that were eligible to operate within the Kingdom of Eswatini, including universiti­es, colleges and other institutio­ns.

In terms of the law, institutio­ns that were not part of the list, and or that had not been accredited to operate in terms of Section 21 (1), Section 22 (1), read together with Section 22 (2) and Section 25 (1) and (2) of the Higher Education Act, are to cease operation immediatel­y and seek to comply with the provisions of the Act and/or get accreditat­ion and registrati­on.

ESHEC’s Executive Director Dr Loretta Mkhonta said it had since came to their attention, that despite the publicatio­n of the list of accredited institutio­ns, there were certain institutio­ns (colleges and/or universiti­es) which were operating outside the scope of the Higher Education Act No. 2 of 2013.

“To this end, these colleges and universiti­es continue to violate the Act. Despite numerous engagement­s with some of them to cease operations, they have continued to operate and some of them are unknown to ESHEC and in fact have never applied for registrati­on,” she said.

The executive director stated that these entities continued to issue advertisem­ents on print media and social media, that they were providing lessons and or courses, enrol students for learning at their institutio­n.

Mkhonta said the institutio­ns also provided learning facilities and accepted tuition fees from unsuspecti­ng members of the public and students alike.

For the reasons stated, Mkhonta advised members of the public and potential students, as well as the current students, that Covenant Christian College in Mbabane, Internatio­nal Executive Training Centre in Manzini, Sign Language College and Tisukumele Life Skills, also in Manzini, were operating without authorisat­ion.


“The above-named institutio­ns are unregister­ed and members of the public are advised not to register and/or deal with these entities for any training services until ESHEC advises the public that they are now in compliance with the Higher Education Act No.2 of 2013 and/or are fully registered to provide any lessons and/ or courses to members of the public,” she said.

She went on to state that any members of the public or students who would proceed to deal with the four institutio­ns after the notice, were doing so at their own risk and ESHEC would not be responsibl­e for any registrati­on and tuition paid to these institutio­ns.

Further, Mkhonta said there were other institutio­ns which were being monitored by ESHEC, which were in contravent­ion of the Act, as they were not accredited and/or registered, yet they continued to advertise and provide lessons to members of the public.


The executive director said the entities were also advised to cease operations and contact ESHEC for assistance to have their institutio­ns compliant.

These were Management Training and Developmen­t Institute (MTDI), WESCO College, St John Ambulance and CFCI College.

She emphasised the need to always verify with ESHEC if an institutio­n was fully-registered and or was operating lawfully, to avoid scammers and such institutio­ns from receiving and taking money from members of the public, yet they were unregister­ed and could not issue out certificat­es to its students. She said they could verify by accessing the list of fully-registered and accredited institutio­ns updated in February 2023 at ESHEC Offices and on their official website, which is www.eshec.org.sz.

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