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FPE introduced without planning



Education is the main key to be used in preparatio­n of one’s sustainabl­e future. Any parent doing this without education is likened to putting concrete slap on level sand. Education cleans, nurtures and molds the mind in readiness to independen­tly face the future with a smile. Reading a letter like this one is a fruit of education.

People may have leadership traits, but they cannot reach their full potential if the oil of education was not applied on them. Good schools do not only prepare pupils for excellent grades, but they also expose them to numerous opportunit­ies relevant to the choices of their careers, a move that later attracts sponsorshi­ps for performing pupils.

Parents are keen on paying for quality education and not just babysittin­g the children in the form of schooling. Pupils should be exposed to career guidance early in their school life so that they can meet the intended opportunit­ies. Parents have an obligation to prepare their children for the future and not the past, hence the reasons to seriously consider where they send their children to school.

Parents should avoid folding their arms and expect teachers to do everything but should also participat­e in designing a safe future for their children. In other words, they must help their children and not stand in the way of new initiative­s.


Free primary education (FPE) is a result of Millennium Developmen­t Goals (MDGs), which were introduced without planning, but to fulfill the UN MDGs mandate. Therefore, it seems government is not interested in the quality of education, but enrollment and the statistica­l data.

What happens to the numerous pupils who disappear after high school? There are no policies to cater for the lost generation, which end-up mingling in society with no spark of hope, thus resulting in them doing unprintabl­e activities. People have put their hopes in a government that is directionl­ess, hence the mess of unemployme­nt and non-empowered youth.

Government must provide laws and regulation­s that will guarantee the protection of pupils. These must be in line with the current demands and conditions. The nation must be empowered so that pupils can decide their future based on the demands of this current era.

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