Fiji Sun

Police raid home on Rewa Street

- Sheenam Chandra

Police conducted a raid at house in Rewa Street on Monday, June 11, and discovered 20 sachets of alleged dried marijuana leaves.

Police spokespers­on Ana Naisoro has confirmed that the sachets have been sent to the lab for testing. One person has been taken into custody after the investigat­ion. He will be presented in court at a later date. A video regarding the officers trying to pry the grille door open by cutting the padlock of the house is going viral on social media. Ms Naisoro confirms that the Police had proper authority to enter the house because they had a search warrant as per the Illicit Drugs Control Act. She also said the family was unco-operative so they had to take drastic steps. Also, Ms Naisoro said there were reliable sources who told Police of the alleged drug-related activities occurring in that particular house on Rewa Street.

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