Fiji Sun

No civic pride


Tukai Lagonilake­ba, Namaka, Nadi

We look and sound like idiots and fools when we express our disappoint­ment and disgust at the amount of rubbish thrown everywhere all over the country and it is not working.

Driving past FNU Nadi there is a bus shelter that is mostly used by their students, apart from the public.

It is strewn with rubbish from students who use the shelter and the same can be said for other education institutio­ns on the roadside around the Western Division. Can the principals and school heads please kindly make it a point to ensure that garbage is cleared because it is part of their school identity?

It is an eyesore!

Or better still educate the children to put their rubbish in a bin.

This is a matter of civic pride for all Fijians. Cleanlines­s is next to godliness.

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