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Moveen Narayan

Very costly mistake! Yes we can't win all but to lose a series which was in your hand is not acceptable. Heartbreak­ing!

Vila Tokaibai

Mistakes happen for a reason that is to learn and move on. They are not machines so at least be grateful. They did their best and its not like someone will die if we didn't win the series. #nogame.

Ledua Wati Jope

Moveen Narayan, at least the captain admit his mistakes. We as supporters just have to support the team, there is no need for you to put your opinion across “that is not acceptable “. Keep your negative comments to yourself, there is no need for you to be negativity.

Susana Petero

So courageous of Jerry to admit that it was his mistake but nonetheles­s to the team as a whole your performanc­e was well above expectatio­n... thank you for playing your hearts out... theres always a next time... God Bless.

James Hement

Thanks Jerry what ever happen its gone it's past all the best for next year ...... dei tiko . .... kai cakau

Ilisoni J Fernanders

The coach reminded them at half time to 'keep the ball in possession" they kicked the ball away Twice. What for?.

Ratu Josua Colanaudol­u Vosanitura­ga

That's true captain quality right there! Vinaka Jerry! E set tu!

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