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Ministry Declares End To Outbreak


There has been a decrease in the number of dengue fever cases recorded nationally in the past six weeks.

The number of cases in all divisions is now at levels expected for this time of the year and, therefore, the ministry has announced the end of the outbreaks declared earlier this year in Macuata, Nadi, Ba, and Suva.

From January 1 to May 31, 2018, there were 3437 confirmed cases of dengue fever recorded in Fiji. The ministry recorded four deaths from dengue during this period.

Of the total confirmed dengue cases recorded, 1242 were from the Northern Division, 1315 from the Western Division, 865 from the Central Division and 15 cases of dengue were recorded from the Eastern Division.

At the peak of the outbreak, an average of 236 cases were recorded nationally per week.

In the last four weeks there have been an average of 59 cases per week, which is within the expected range of cases for this time of the year.

The ministry acknowledg­ed and thanked the general public for the tremendous effort and support in the fight against dengue fever and urged everyone to remain active in protecting themselves and their families against dengue fever. However, even though Fiji is now in the dengue low season, anyone can still get dengue fever because it is an endemic disease here. The ministry urged the public to be prepared because the dengue high season begins again with the rainy season in October. Therefore, everyone must continue to prevent being bitten by mosquitos and get rid of mosquito breeding places on at least a weekly basis. The ministry continues to work closely with its stakeholde­rs, including municipal councils, in its effort to control the spread of dengue fever by reducing mosquitobr­eeding places.

And, with its developmen­t partners, the ministry is investing in new technologi­es such as Wolbachia with the World Mosquito Program, which is rolling out in the Central Division. Find below details:

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