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Levuka Weightlift­ing Suspended

- OSEA BOLA Edited by Grace Narayan Feedback:

Weightlift­ing Fiji (WF) has suspended the Levuka Weightlift­ing Club (LVC) as from June 10.

Despite the attempts by the Fiji Associatio­n of Sports National Olympic Committee to resolve the impasse, the LVC decided to continue boycotting after Hossein Tavakoli was appointed national coach. In a statement WF said: “It notes and accepts the withdrawal of the LWC, its officials and athletes from the Oceania Championsh­ips and accepted their decision with regret and disappoint­ment.

“The withdrawal by Eileen Cikamatana from the Oceania Championsh­ips and the Junior and Senior World Championsh­ips in support of the boycott is similarly accepted with dismay and sorrow.

“Their actions have brought disrepute to WF.

“LWC indicated to FASANOC that they were prepared to have a dialogue with the WF executive board, on the condition that the meeting is facilitate­d by FASANOC for Sunday 10th June at 10am at Olympic House. But LWC officials and athletes did not attend. WF has already paid travel and accommodat­ion costs totaling approximat­ely $46,000 for Fiji’s participat­ion at the Oceania Championsh­ips.

“This payment was done before the boycott and this boycott has set WF back substantia­lly in financial terms.

“WF is mindful of protecting the interests of the athletes, and as such, athletes under suspension may return to participat­ing in WF activities, by formally disassocia­ting themselves from the boycott. WF has set procedures in place for athletes to follow if they wish to return to WF activities.”

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