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Far too many of us Fi­jians are suf­fer­ing from non-com­mu­ni­ca­ble diseases and many of us con­tinue to nur­ture the same life­style that brought about the sick­ness or sick­nesses they have which only wors­ens the sit­u­a­tion. What is amaz­ing about the hu­man body is that it was de­signed to heal it­self.

The power that made our body heal it­self. If you cut your fin­ger or toe it bleeds, a scab forms and it heals.

One should never lose hope by ac­cept­ing the bad sit­u­a­tion one is in but in­stead change one’s life­style in or­der for one’s body to re­ju­ve­nate and heal.

Get rid of the stress, eat good, bal­anced healthy foods only, eat in moder­a­tion and at spe­cific times, do some light work like gardening and house chores and sleep at least eight hours ev­ery night.

Rest when the body needs to is crit­i­cal and most im­por­tantly, keep the wa­ter go­ing. The func­tions of good clean wa­ter in your body is vi­tal as the body de­pends on wa­ter to func­tion. Wa­ter is life and it is pre­cious be­cause it de­liv­ers im­por­tant nu­tri­ents to all our cells.

There can be no life without wa­ter. Without wa­ter one’s body will slowly but surely start to shut down.

Stop the al­co­hol, stop the kava, stop the to­bacco, stop the sugar and salt, stop car­bon­ated bev­er­ages, stop pro­cessed foods and snacks, but don’t ever stop the sex be­cause it will keep your hor­mones, heart and brain in top con­di­tion.

Change and dis­ci­pline one­self with a healthy life­style, self con­trol and one can have a great chance of re­cov­er­ing from any sick­ness.

Our body is amaz­ing and it will heal it­self if we treat and feed it right.

Do not wait, but start now be­cause it will take as much time to heal as it took for you to get sick.

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