Bring back the death penalty

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Am­rit Singh, Nau­sori

The crime rate has risen in Fiji in re­cent months and there is no short­age of the types of crim­i­nal endeavours at the mo­ment.

Bru­tal stab­bings are the main crim­i­nal of­fence for Au­gust and Septem­ber.

There is a need for a change of laws in Fiji. It may sound harsh, but the death penalty by hang­ing in Fiji needs to be passed on ac­count of the sever­ity of the of­fence.

It will serve as a les­son to the peo­ple of Fiji that you can­not es­cape the law’s bru­tal­ity. Fiji is be­com­ing a drama show. Hus­bands stab­bing wives, fa­thers mur­der­ing chil­dren, rape and drug cases plagu­ing the coun­try.

It is like a virus that has taken charge of brains in Fiji.

The Par­lia­ment should be just and this topic needs to be ad­dressed.

Crim­i­nals who com­mit mur­der in Fiji walk free in 25 years.

No mat­ter how much hu­man rights ac­tivists shout that crim­i­nals have hu­man rights, let’s just re­mem­ber that ac­tivists can­not bring back a life once it’s gone.

Death by hang­ing should be legalised for those who mur­der some­one bru­tally.

It will serve as a les­son to all those who want to slaugh­ter a loved one or a friend.

Too much free­dom is good, but it is be­com­ing a li­a­bil­ity for Fiji.

Every week rape, sui­cide, mur­der by stab­bing or do­mes­tic vi­o­lence case is heard and read through the me­dia.

Anger and ha­tred have filled the minds and hearts of peo­ple of Fiji and it is now ev­i­dent.

Through vi­o­lence and the re­sul­tant deaths, we are show­ing other coun­tries how low we have stooped in the 21st Cen­tury.

Stop vi­o­lence and crim­i­nal ac­tiv­i­ties be­cause the di­rec­tor is look­ing at us from the heav­ens.

At least love the God you pray to and stop vi­o­lence.

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