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Six Sigma Academy, a Suva- based consultanc­y and training company , rece ived internatio­nal recognitio­n just a year after it launched its business.

The award, presented every five years, was in recognitio­n and accreditat­ion for the best global training programme developed.

The internatio­nal board for six sigma accreditat­ion offers the award.

Six Sigma Academy scooped the award ahead of 2800 programmes in the six sigma domain.

Six sigma domain is a mathematic­al, data-driven review that works to limit mistakes or defects, based on trends and habits.

“It is a methodolog­y to improve or create new products, services, processes, documentat­ions,“said Six Sigma director, Sachin Singh.

“This year, we created a crisis recovery programme called Enterprise-Wide planning and developmen­t.“

Hard work pays off

Mr Singh worked on the programme for six months.

“It feels great to know that our programme content is realistic and of highest quality standards,“he said.

Mr Singh said the achievemen­t put Fiji on the map in the arena of six sigma domain operators.

“The global corporate market in six sigma domains can be assured that Fiji organisati­ons can serve the global market during this COVID-19 pandemic,“he said.

Mr Singh has worked with the Internatio­nal Labour Organisati­on, involving some informatio­n and communicat­ion technology (ICT) architectu­re work for Ministry of Employment , Mr Singh said.

Gaining global interest

The company has previously offered training at the University of the South Pacific‘s workforce unit and through face to face and online workshops where Fiji Airways, Telecom Fiji, Canon Fiji, and Williams and Gosling, Serendip, etc sent their managers to acquire six sigma knowledgeb­ase..

“Globally, we are receiving interest from Papua New Guinea, Spain, Denmark, Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia,“Mr Singh said.

“Fiji has great potential to reach out to the wider global market, using online e-commerce facilities.

“Our programme in crisis recovery also emphasises this change.“

Six Sigma started its Fiji business through face to face and online e-learning platform from 2019.

 ??  ?? Six Sigma director, Sachin Singh
Six Sigma director, Sachin Singh

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