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Students Show Care for Saint Mina Home Through Clean Up

- YOUNGEUN CHO NADI Edited by Jonathan Bryce Feedback:

South Korean students from the Edupia homestay visited Saint Mina Children’s Home (SMCH), Legalega, Nadi for volunteer work.

During their first visit over the weekend, the 22 students cleaned up the children’s home and spent time with the children of the home. The students collected rubbish, swept and mopped the floor, wiped the windows, while a few were absorbed in play with kids.

JuSung Lee, 21, a medical student at the University of Fiji (UOSM MBBS) said that this volunteer work was a part of their motivation project.

“For my future job, as a doctor, I really wanted to learn the actual way of caring for people; which environmen­t will be the best for kids with good health, mentally and physically,” he said.

“There are a few things that I want from these kids – to diet well, do exercise, to not get sick and feel free to come to us when you feel insecure or frightened.”

Another student Yeongyong Kim said: “As I visited there, I had a good time playing with children and doing something for them such as cleaning their rooms and cooking.

“Also, I want them to move on towards their ambitions no matter how heavy the burden is.” He added that during this pandemic, there would be more projects of this nature to follow later this year.

Saint Mina Children’s Home thanked the students for their efforts and hosted light refreshmen­ts for them.

 ?? Photo: Youngeun Cho ?? Students clean up St Mina Children’s Home.
Photo: Youngeun Cho Students clean up St Mina Children’s Home.

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