How Faith and Trust kept Bill and Davila united in Love

A Wedding that reconnecte­d long lost families


While a wedding is all about the bride and groom, a marriage means much more in terms of family ties – both the new ones and renewed ones. When Bill wed Davila it was one such occasion and she ended up with six ‘best men’ walking her down the aisle.


By the time Bill Rasekaseka Kanavakalo­u and Davila Speight got to the altar, their own relationsh­ip had stood the test of time and distance. Bill from Nabuna village on Koro and Davila from Naivicula Village in Wainibuka first met through a real estate agent friend seven years ago. Bill is a Logistics Officer for Shell UK in Dubai while Davila, a Commercial Banking Relationsh­ip Manager for the Australia and New Zealand Bank in Nadi, didn’t immediatel­y hit it off. Both had just come out of a relationsh­ip and neither wanted to rush into another. “I didn’t want it to be on the rebound. I didn’t want to bring baggage from a previous relationsh­ip by getting into another one so soon, I really needed time, time to heal,” Davila said. Somehow they didn’t give up on each other or the idea of a future relationsh­ip and kept in touch. But it wasn’t until just one year ago that they started officially dating. While Bill understood how Davila felt and agreed to take things slowly, he was not about to let this fish get away – so he played it slow but sure. “We just took things slow and steady, not revealing too much about our relationsh­ip on social media until we were really sure this was the one. We kept the early days of our relationsh­ip private,” Davila said. The couple knew the main challenge ahead was the distance between them, with Bill in Iraq most of the time and Davila in Fiji. “Our Shell headquarte­rs is in Dubai but I travel and am much of the time at oil rigs located in Basra during my work rotation,” Bill said. “I believe we overcame the long distance challenge because we made sure we trusted each other with everything we did – trust is our main weapon.” Davila said the couple decided they were going to communicat­e openly about everything and not keep things

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 ??  ?? Bill and Davila relaxing at their home in Sabeto, Nadi.
Bill and Davila relaxing at their home in Sabeto, Nadi.

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