Tips for Keeping the Kani Under-kava


Bula Bilo lovers, two bags back again with another rip roaring session of how to keep your kani under control. We all know that there is just one way to stop kani and that is to stop drinking all together. But in our special case I have a couple of handy tips that will keep you on the baby and still looking like a baby’s bottom. Not only it is important to keep the outward appearance funky and upto-date but also your insides are the most important one of all. The simple equation is this: what ever you put in you will eventually come out, so for starters we will work our way from the inside out. THE INSIDE Drink as much water as you possibly can … and by this I don’t mean drown yourself. A water bottle is always handy… keep it around you always. This is to be your best friend…. Take it with you wherever you go… even to a gun fight under the vaivai tree. Pawpaw is the best way to keep your system clean. Take this every morning… maybe half an hour before you leave for work or home. The worst thing is to be caught in the bush without toilet paper and you’re surrounded by via plants or the draunisala­to. Eat when you’re supposed to eat. Some of us can’t eat before a session… so the trick is to eat more in the meal before this like lunch for example…… double up…. This will help you in the session and also stop you from getting ulcers. Exercise is very important … and I don’t mean you join a gym and go all out.. but the occasional stretch and walk to do the do. THE OUTSIDE Soaps: some actually dry up your skin badly. Again this cannot be narrowed down to which brands … but we react differentl­y to different soaps. Oils and creams are very important.. oils like coconut and the others are not really the stuff you’re looking for … but creams are the essential battle fulla you need in combat. Be sure you get the one that says skin repair and not moisturize­r depending on your cracks. EYE IRRITATION: This may be the real bastard of them all and very hard to keep under control… This is the importance of drinking water. Everyone gets it no matter what … the best way to sooth the burning sensation is to put tea bags in the freezer for 20 minutes and then placing it over your eyes…. This is best feeling ever. REMEMBER: Enjoy the mix but keep it underkava at all times. You will know what works best for you. Till next time , spin the poison like there’s no tomorrow. TALO

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