The Bulaliciou­s Guide to Staying Fit and Healthy in Fiji


Bulaliciou­s is a ladies activewear company specialisi­ng in surf, swim and gym wear based in the Fijian Islands and with our first hand experience of everything active we have the go-to guide on the activities and experience­s that will make you long for the weekends when you can escape the office or that week long vacation to Fiji that you’ve had marked in your diary since forever. Summer is fast approachin­g which means long days at the beach, warm evenings under the stars and every moment in between creating memories with loved ones. When people think of Fiji they often think of relaxing, unwinding and switching off from the outside world. Island life definitely does meet all of those traits, but under the surface there’s a whole lot more of Fiji to be discovered. Fiji is the new destinatio­n for adrenalin and a world of fun packed activities and adventures. Unwinding doesn’t have to mean lying on a beach and sipping cocktails all day long, although we would recommend taking a stroll and feeling that golden Fijian sand beneath your toes as this will definitely be something that you are going to want to experience. Escaping from the mundane 9-5 routine is exactly what you need and our Bulaliciou­s team have the guide that promises to get your blood pumping and your heart racing and put that fun and active element into your weekend or vacation. The Bulaliciou­s team have experience­d these amazing activities so we know first hand just what you’re getting yourself into and what long lasting memories you will create. Adrenalin Fiji are a renowned Water Sports and luxury cruise company that house some of the finest vessels in Port Denarau. So why not jump on board one of their day cruises and sail around the majestical islands, then anchor up, throw on your snorkel and flippers and explore the real joys of island life. Being surrounded by water means that Fiji has an abundance of water sports for you to enjoy and activities such as a Jet Ski Safari will ensure you experience nothing but sun and sea for as far as the eye can see. Tick this off your bucket list and create your own waves as you curve in and out of the crystal blue waters of the South Pacific Ocean. If you decide to take Adrenalin Fiji’s Bel’Mare motor yacht out on one of their day trips along with their experience­d and hospitable crew you will also be able to experience kayaking. This is a great “Fiji Time” activity that has many health benefits and also allows you to explore Fiji at your own pace.

• Kayaking is a full body work out and from the minute you step into your kayak you will feel yourself engaging your core muscles, legs and hip flexors to counterbal­ance your weight in the kayak. In order to move around you will use a paddle which requires the use of your upper back, shoulders and arms and is a great way to sculpt and tone that upper body whilst working against the resistance of the water. • Kayaking is a great activity if you are a novice or a profession­al - after 30 minutes you will ask yourself “why haven’t I done this sooner?” • It’s a great way to get around the islands and observe the magnificen­t coral which is situated beneath your kayak and if you’re lucky you may have the pleasure to meet a passing sea turtle or Vonu as they are commonly known in Fiji. • Kayaking is a great way of reducing stress as you can go at your own leisurely pace or challenge your friends to a relay around the nearby sandbanks and it is a great activity to take part in, that doesn’t require heavy music or gym equipment to get you motivated. It’s just you, your kayak and the open water, which means you are getting to one with nature and thinking of anything but work or real life responsibi­lities. When exposed to the weather in Fiji be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen. As much as Vitamin D is good for your body, it only requires it in small bursts and this will ensure your skin keeps that youthful glow or throw on a Bulaliciou­s Rashvest or One-Piece for that extra bit of protection. If swimming is your go-to activity then what better way to experience Fiji than in the underwater world where the real beauty lies. Unleash your inner mermaid and dive amongst the different species of corals and watch nature take its course. See if you can spot some of our favourite blue starfish, they are a definite snap if you have an underwater camera, but remember to only take memories from Fiji and to not touch or kick the coral or fish, as many are endemic to Fiji and we want to keep the island just as beautiful as we found it. Whilst in the water it may seem odd, but we often forget to hydrate as we feel cool from being surrounded by so much water. The saltiness of the sea water and the sun will quickly dehydrate you so be sure to carry a bottle of water around with you and in the hot seasons we recommend at least 2-3 litres per day. If a day out at sea sounds like your cup of tea then be sure to experience everything that the beautiful open waters have to offer. After a full day taking part in any of Adrenalin Fiji’s activities we guarantee you’ll have the makings of a Bulaliciou­s body and a sense of enlightenm­ent after experienci­ng the wonders of the Fijian ocean.

Let the adventures begin… Loloma Levu, The Bulaliciou­s Activewear Team

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 ??  ?? *Bulaliciou­s is sold worldwide via our online store www.bulaliciou­ shop, Essentials in Port Denarau and Prouds in both Suva and Nadi. Visit www.adrenalinf­ for more details on their day trips and activities*
*Bulaliciou­s is sold worldwide via our online store www.bulaliciou­ shop, Essentials in Port Denarau and Prouds in both Suva and Nadi. Visit www.adrenalinf­ for more details on their day trips and activities*
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