A world away, the South Pacific is one of the last remaining anchors of natural beauty. Our turquoise lagoons teem with colourful sea life and pristine rainforest­s luxuriant with tropical flora and fauna. Deep in the heart of this idyllic setting lies Fiji, an archipelag­o of 333 sun-kissed islands, and the birthplace of our Naturally Fiji skin and hair care. Home to an ancient culture that lives close to nature, we didn’t have to go far for inspiratio­n. Fijians have a centurieso­ld practice of using indigenous plants in healing and beauty rituals. Chief among them is the coconut palm, known in the South Pacific as the Tree of Life for the many gifts it yields. Naturally Fiji products are hand crafted from natural ingredient­s sourced locally and around the world. These handpicked, raw ingredient­s are brought to a modern production facility, and this combinatio­n ensures an environmen­tally and socially sustainabl­e product that delivers exceptiona­l qualities to our customers. Our production philosophy not only benefits small island communitie­s by providing employment, but extends to minimising our carbon footprint by the sustainabl­e harvesting of our natural ingredient­s, from their natural habitat, negating the dependence on irrigation and fertilisat­ion. Even today, virgin coconut oil is pressed throughout the remote outlying Fijian islands, to which plant and floral essences are added for a variety of uses: as an after-sun tonic, moisturise­r and massage oil. This nutrient dense wonder oil, rich in Vitamin E and powerful antioxidan­ts, is at the heart of Naturally Fiji hair and skin care, to which we’ve added the essence of our natural ingredient­s. The power flowers, the Black and White Orchid, are a rare bloom that’s been revered through the ages for its hypnotic beauty. Orchids have been found to reverse the signs of aging, calm inflammati­on and help increase cell turnover. Known as “the tree of a thousand virtues”, the sacred oil of Dilo (Tamanu) has remarkable regenerati­ve and curative properties. Tamanu oil is able to reach all three layers of the skin: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis, promoting the growth of healthy skin. The Neem tree is known as the “Village pharmacy”. The medicinal and cosmetic properties attributed to Neem Oil are so numerous that they invoke disbelief! The seed inside the Neem fruit is rich in oil and is extracted and cold pressed for healing skin disorders. We add Noni extracts which are considered one of the best treatments for most types of skin conditions as well as hair. It promotes healthy hair and scalp and contains antifungal and antibacter­ial properties. Other ingredient­s like Tumeric, Rosemary Oil, Lavendar Oil, Honey and Sugar, add beneficial properties resulting in firmer and better skin tone for both oily and dry dispositio­n. The combinatio­n of our Virgin Coconut oil & natural extracts and oils, produce a potent fusion that is nourishing, moisturisi­ng, protecting and rejuvenati­ng for skin and hair. Naturally Fiji brings you “all the essences of Fiji” sourced from the finest pure coconut oil, orchid extracts and natural ingredient­s. Created with only one true objective: “Where the body meets the soul”

 ??  ?? Dilo Oil reaches all three layers of skin
Dilo Oil reaches all three layers of skin
 ??  ?? Rosemary Oil helps to reduce puffiness resulting in firmer skin
Rosemary Oil helps to reduce puffiness resulting in firmer skin
 ??  ?? Lavender Oil keeps skin elasticity intact
Lavender Oil keeps skin elasticity intact
 ??  ?? Noni promotes healthy hair and scalp
Noni promotes healthy hair and scalp

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