By Sophia Tori Images SUPPLIED sister, for the first ever Fiji Women’s team to play in the Melbourne Internatio­nal Cup. Tadrau’s early involvemen­t also included volunteeri­ng her spare time to visit schools in efforts to build interest in AFL. It led eventually to her becoming the first ever paid employee of AFL Fiji as Developmen­t Coordinato­r in 2016. However, earning a seat at the table is one thing, keeping it in a male dominated sport has been a challenge. It’s one that Tadrau nonetheles­s welcomed despite the many frustratio­ns it has brought, from condescend­ing sexist comments about her knowledge of the game, to attempting to undercut her from decision making. While gender politics has muddied the waters in a sport that is primarily defined as being a male one, especially in Fiji, AFL Fiji (Mens and Womens) has thrived due to Tadrau being a complete football head. Australian Rules Football, better known as Australian Football or Footy, is a contact sport played on an oval shaped field between two sides of eighteen players. It is fast, requiring equal use of hand and foot skills; and dynamic, allowing for multiple strategies of play. Its main following outside Australia is in the South Pacific, particular­ly Papua New Guinea, and in Ireland because of its similariti­es to Gaelic Football (Irish

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