One Mo­ment Please!

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2BAGS was part of a grog ses­sion at a cousin’s place in Ki­noya last week. While there is a stan­dard rate at which the per­son call­ing the shots calls for next taki, some peo­ple have a faster paced crav­ing for the brown la­bel. Af­ter tim­ing the taki, I dis­cov­ered that there was a five minute lapse be­fore we re­lieved our parched throats again. With seven of us and our dif­fer­ent talanoa about work and life flow­ing, the rate at which we were drink­ing grog was just right for us. That was un­til an­other talk­a­tive and loud cousin en­tered. We will call him Dau­vosa. Well, Dau­vosa graced our grog ses­sion with an­other half kilo­gram of grog three hours af­ter from when we ac­tu­ally started. This is when all the bick­er­ing started. He chose just the right time to come join us – when we were al­most like dead flies and our eyes barely open­ing from too much grog con­sump­tion. With him be­ing so lively and bub­bly, his pres­ence was tor­ture for us. He brought more grog sup­ply which was sup­posed to be a happy thing for us, but un­for­tu­nately af­ter three hours, we were not too happy see­ing more grog. But tra­di­tion has it since his Dad is the el­dest out of all our pa­ter­nal par­ents we couldn’t just leave, but had to seek his per­mis­sion to do so. With this in mind, Dau­vosa was in con­trol of the grog ses­sion now. He called for the next taki and com­manded ev­ery­one in the house -mean­ing we couldn’t just have a con­ver­sa­tion with each other. If we did, we were to be very care­ful with what we said. His pres­ence had wo­ken us from our grog slum­ber. We were now on our toes and Dau­vosa caused more tor­ture when he kept call­ing for the taki at two minute in­ter­vals and not our usual five minute one. Some of us broke pro­to­col and just de­cided to stand up and leave while an­other cousin com­manded Dau­vosa and screamed ‘One mo­ment please’ af­ter the fast lane taki in­ter­vals be­came un­bear­able. Les­son learnt is choose your grog bud­dies wisely.

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