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Bula Vinaka!

maiLife’s June issue is an exciting one because as usual, we bring you a unique blend of stories that live up to the lifestyle theme of our magazine. Karen Lobendahn, who will be remembered as the first female CEO of the country’s oldest television company, Fiji Television Limited, graces our cover. Read how she was brought up, how she rose up through the ranks, her vision for the future and the strong values that make her one of the best corporate executives around. We take you to Savusavu where Barbara, a retired nurse from the UK and Ben, a retired British Army corporal, have been dedicating their time to the care of stray and neglected dogs and working with Animals Fiji in the hidden paradise. From the north we will take you to the island of Kadavu in the south, where our editorial team participat­ed in a ration distributi­on exercise covering a few villages affected by TC Keni. Hear villagers tell their stories of hope and survival right from their doorsteps. We would like to once again thank Value City for the bales of clothing and other donors who pitched in with food. Your donations have brought smiles back on the faces of men, women and children on the island. Fashion has been the buzzword in the past few weeks, as Suva and its communitie­s play host to two major fashion events: Fiji Fashion Week and the inaugural Bottega Gold Fijian Fashion Festival. This month, we bring you three pages on fashion frocks from the FFW runway and as I write this editorial, team BGFFF is busy doing their final prep and it seems the festival will bring moments Fiji has never experience­d before. Lauren Falconner, who did an internship with this magazine about a month ago, writes on her top 10 places, memories and experience­s during her short stay in Fiji. Our May intern, Erin Lawlor, also from the UK, writes about the marine conservati­on work on Beqa Island. In fact, there’s been a lot of environmen­tal research carried out on the island that we don’t get to hear or read about. To both Lauren and Erin, if you are reading this, Bula Vinaka from Fiji and we hope to see you again someday and thank you Frontier for giving us Ms Falconner and Ms Lawlor. Have you heard of a gym that recently opened up in Laucala Beach recently? I actually went there and was blown away. Ultimate Fitness gives needy bodies a total workout – literally from head to toe. James Colata, one of the two trainers, will help you restore your health and take you to a whole new level of strength and fitness. We also bring you a quirky story about two young Fijian women and their adventure of sorts, in search of blue pearls used during the shooting of Pearl in Paradise, a US$2.5 million production shot in Pacific Harbour. Lastly, we have our regular articles on health and fitness, food and beverage, travel, columns, old time favourite - 2 Bags and much more. Hope you’ll enjoy your reading.

Till July, moce and cheers!

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