There was a strong emphasis on cultural FUSION identity, which while still being heavily expressed through print, is also taking shape through silhouette­s, either deconstruc­ted or urbanized.

There was also an EXTRA vibe in the air, Fiji fashionist­as are certainly not wallflower­s, Carrie Bradshaw’s giant flowers were yesterday’s news to us... OTT ruffles, trailing trumpet sleeves, sky high slits, and bold, structural shapes were on display.

Islanders certainly don’t shy away from colour, for many red is a neutral! Designers predominan­tly showed palettes that included grounding, dynamic earth hues of RED BROWN and fresh, rejuvenati­ng GREEN and YELLOW.

Fiji is feeling stable and is ready to grow. Fashion is the harbinger of change and it’s good to see designers tapping in to the zeitgeist.

Embroidery, sequins, appliques, and clashing patterns were also prevalent as were sheers, the latter may be less coverage but gets a lot of mileage in the daring stakes. MORE IS MORE.

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