Bossley Gets the 6 Figure and 6 Pack!

Gets the 6 Figure and 6 Pack!


Most of us lose hope when it comes to losing weight. The temptation to feed our faces gets to us when the aroma of our favourite dish reaches our nostrils and it seems impossible to stay on track with a healthy diet. Former basketball national representa­tive Adrian Bossley has been down that path. But then staying focused and shedding those kilos became a priority. The 38-year-old who now lives in Nadi has been on his weight loss journey for the past six months and has shed a whopping 15 kilograms – which works out to 2.5kilos each month. His weight gain happened when relocated from Suva to Nadi for a new job. Not having access to similar training facilities as he did in Suva saw Bossley gain those kilos. “I drifted away from my normal training habits and became more focused on work,” Bossley said. His role in the tourism industry meant he was able to eat out more frequently and was surrounded by rich food, which contribute­d to the nutrition imbalance that resulted in the weight gain. He was 113kg in mid-January this year, but today weighs 98kg. Bossley’s weight loss began on January 20, 2018 after seeing news on social media about people he knew who were around his age and who were passing away due to illness or other health issues. Although having an athletic background, Bossley sacrificed his fitness for work and became overweight. All he wanted was to get back to being fit and healthy. “My team and I were chatting after work one day and one of them joked about how in our youth it had been easy to have a six pack but hard to have a six figure salary. Now later in my career, I had accomplish­ed a six figure salary in my current position, but it was much harder to get a six pack!” His motto and goal for the year became “six figures and six pack.” Bossley’s weight loss did not come easy as expected, there are always be obstacles in trying to achieve goals. Firstly breaking the addiction to an unhealthy diet – foods high in sugar and salt, processed foods, deep-fried foods and excessive carbs that were hard to push aside as they had become part and parcel of Bossley’s life. “Friends, family and colleagues who may tease or joke about my efforts to create new habits was also challengin­g.” At times the feeling that he was starting from the beginning with training and weight loss, considerin­g his age was against him, got into Bossley’s head. “Having a busy career, trying to make time to train and exercise and also having to be more organised to eat healthy are just some of the many challenges I faced.” But the benefits of sticking to his goals outweighed them. “I experience­d a lot of changes. I now have more energy, feel more positive, breath easy (not short of breath), have better focus, my recovery time is a lot quicker when training or being active, I have an appreciati­on and enjoyment of eating healthier food and have more selfconfid­ence.” At the beginning of his weight loss effort, Bossley focused on spending time in the gym, training himself to fitness and wellness. “What I didn’t understand is that nutrition is 70 per cent of your journey to improving your overall health and wellness.” Once he was able to incorporat­e a more focused approach to nutrition, the transition happened much quicker.

His weight loss experience has given Bossley the view that culturally and traditiona­lly, many people in Fiji still have the mindset of needing to eat quantity over quality. “We also often reach for food that is readily accessible and cheap, for example bread and noodles. However these are not the best base for healthy nutrition.” Bossley adds that given the nature of our community, part of our culture is based around providing and sharing food as a means of caring, but it can create excessive food intake. “This is particular­ly prevalent in urban areas where there is access to fast food and processed foods that are readily available and become a part of an addictive and toxic diet.” “I think your environmen­t and who you surround yourself with reflects your outlook and quality of life.” Bossley has been blessed with an ‘amazing’ partner, Alana Tilly, who has been instrument­al in supporting him to change and have a healthier lifestyle. “Alana has a three year old daughter and they have become an important part of my daily routine, helping inspire me to be a good role model for my children and family.” Alana is also a yoga instructor and an ambassador of healthy living, making it was easier for Bossley to work and reflect this in his changing lifestyle. “However, we are often surrounded by people with not so healthy eating habits or lifestyle. Therefore, I believe we should try and identify people that support and inspire us to have an improved outlook in life, better health, who provide positive role modeling and good family values, and then make more time for these people.” “It is harder to settle for complacenc­y if you surrounded by people who want to bring out the best in you.”

 ??  ?? Taking a break from a gym workout.
Taking a break from a gym workout.
 ??  ?? Adrian and partner, Alana Tilly.
Adrian and partner, Alana Tilly.
 ??  ?? Adrian Bossley gets his life back!
Adrian Bossley gets his life back!
 ??  ?? Bossley, his siblings and dad.
Bossley, his siblings and dad.
 ??  ?? Friends are forever…Bossley and his mates.
Friends are forever…Bossley and his mates.

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