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Just like hu­mans, pets need love to be happy. You can show your pet cat love ev­ery day by stroking, cud­dling and play­ing with him or her. This means you should never chase, yell, hit or throw things at your pet, not even when they are naughty. Just like us, they too can feel fear and pain but they do not know what they have done wrong. Use a dif­fer­ent way to dis­ci­pline them, called pos­i­tive re­in­force­ment – by giv­ing them treats and at­ten­tion when they do some­thing right. Re­ward the good and do not pun­ish the bad.


Your pet needs a plate of food ev­ery day. You can feed your cat fresh fish, tinned fish, meat or canned cat food. Cats can­not live on a veg­e­tar­ian diet as they will get sick and die. You must feed your cat ev­ery day even if you want them to chase mice and rats. If you can feel or see your cat’s bones you must feed it more.


Like us, an­i­mals need to drink water ev­ery day. Make sure there is a bowl of clean water for them all the time.


Your cat needs to sleep in a safe place where they can see what is go­ing on and keep safely away from dogs and mon­gooses that can hurt them. Get a card­board box and make a bed out of an old towel, sheet or sulu. Cats like to be very clean so change the bed­ding ev­ery once in a while. Sleep­ing in­side is a safer for a cat than sleep­ing out­side. In­door cats can live for more than 10 years. In Fiji stray cats only live 2-3 years. If out­doors, make sure their bed is up off the ground, out of rain, and shel­tered from the wind.

TOI­LET Cats go to the toi­let ev­ery day – just like you. If they are out­side they will go on the grass. If they are in­side you must

have a tray of sand or some mix for them to wee or poo in. Cats are very clean so change the sand ev­ery day.


Cats are nat­u­ral hunters and will chase mice and rats. They are also very play­ful es­pe­cially when they are young. Play with them by rolling a small ball or with a piece of string or wool. This is great ex­er­cise for them and they will love you for it!


Cats get worms in their stom­ach which can make them very thin and sick; kit­tens can die from hav­ing stom­ach worms. Vet clin­ics can pro­vide you pills to kill the worms, which you need to give your pet cat once a month.


Ideally, your cat should be vac­ci­nated by 12 weeks of age to stop them from get­ting se­ri­ous dis­eases. You can take your cat to an an­i­mal vet­eri­nary clinic ev­ery year. An­i­mal clin­ics can also de­sex your cat so you do not have un­wanted kit­tens to worry about. This is a very easy oper­a­tion. Take you cat to the vet clinic if he or she is in­jured, acts sick or stops eat­ing for more than two days.


Many cats die be­cause of dogs and mon­goose attacks and be­ing hit by cars on the road, as well as from not enough food and ne­glect. Your cat will love you and be a won­der­ful pet for many years if you look after it well.

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