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Life throws many things at us that can of­ten get in the way or even stop our healthy eat­ing regimes and pre­vent us from be­ing ac­tive. One that can of­ten put women off work­ing out can be the news that they are ex­pect­ing a baby. Ev­ery­thing you eat dur­ing preg­nancy, your baby will eat as well – and some­times the food isn’t ideal for a small baby who when born will only be drink­ing milk for the first few months. This is why it is vi­tal that more so than ever ex­pec­tant moth­ers treat their body like a tem­ple. Ev­ery­thing you di­gest should be whole­some food full of good­ness for both you and the baby. Preg­nancy can be dif­fer­ent for each per­son and it is im­por­tant to lis­ten to your own body and go at your own pace. If you’ve reg­u­larly worked out prior to preg­nancy then there should be no rea­son that you can’t con­tinue with a few amend­ments to your regime. If you are a first time mum who has never worked out be­fore and are now feel­ing like you have so much en­ergy, then a great idea to keep off those ex­tra pounds is to start walk­ing a few times a week. Keep­ing ac­tive will also help your body re­cov­ers much quicker after child­birth. The Bu­la­li­cious Team have caught up with our Ac­tivewear Am­bas­sador Suka who is now based in Hawaii and ex­pect­ing her first child with hus­band Ikaia. We spoke to her on the new changes to her diet and fitness regime as she em­barks on the new­est chap­ter of her life and her thoughts on be­com­ing a first time mum.

1. Con­grat­u­la­tions on the amaz­ing news, when is your due date? Thank you, I am due 14 Septem­ber 2018.

2. How did you feel when you first found out you were hav­ing a boy? I was sur­prised and happy at the same time, more so sur­prised.

3. What foods have you been crav­ing that are out of your nor­mal diet? Well, for me it has been veg­eta­bles and fruits. More than I would usu­ally con­sume (that’s in the day­time). At night my sweet tooth kicks in. I try and eat as clean as pos­si­ble, how­ever I am only hu­man and I think it’s im­por­tant to in­dulge ev­ery now again as long as you don’t go crazy. My hus­band has been known to do the odd late night ice-cream run around 10:30, bless him.

4. What ex­er­cise are you do­ing and at what lev­els? I started off not be­ing able to get out of bed and feel­ing so weak. Get­ting up made me light headed and so the best thing for the first three months was rest and try­ing to eat food that would give me more en­ergy. That would have been when I felt at level zero or one, but now if level five was con­sid­ered the strong­est, I would rate my­self be­tween lev­els three and four, which is pretty good. I go to the gym and try and keep ac­tive as I was prior to my preg­nancy, although now mak­ing al­ter­ations to what weights I lift and cer­tain ex­er­cises. But on the whole still keep­ing ac­tive.

5. Do you feel you have more or less en­ergy? Now at five months preg­nant I feel I have a lot more en­ergy and I I can and want to be more phys­i­cally ac­tive.

6. Do you think it’s im­por­tant to keep ex­er­cis­ing whilst you are preg­nant? Yes, def­i­nitely. It’s very hard at first be­cause you feel like you can­not do any­thing, but your body needs it, Start small by just go­ing for walks. It makes a dif­fer­ence. Get­ting some fresh air in your body is re­fresh­ing and is good for cir­cu­la­tion and avoid­ing vari­cose veins.

7. Have you been work­ing on your pelvic floor mus­cles ahead of labour? It has been a big part of my work­outs prior to preg­nancy so it’s been nice to carry on, but now with a lit­tle more weight on and with more ex­tra cau­tion.

8. How do you make sure you and baby have a healthy and bal­anced life­style? In my early months of preg­nancy I lost a lot of weight. As far as eat­ing healthy my body likes smooth­ies. So I im­pro­vised with the fruits and veg­eta­bles I craved and tried turn­ing them into a healthy smoothie or shake. I fol­low what the doc­tors tell me: drink­ing a lot of water, eat­ing veg­eta­bles and fruits, meat eaten spar­ingly and well done, at­tend­ing monthly check ups, mak­ing sure I ex­er­cise reg­u­larly and curb­ing my sweet tooth. When my cravings kick in I don’t kid my­self that I’m eat­ing for two. I ei­ther eat a nor­mal serv­ing or less some­times, but I drink a lot of water to keep me and baby hy­drated.

9. What are you look­ing for­ward to adding back into your diet once the baby is born? Seafood! Ee­spe­cially fish. Whilst preg­nant you can­not just eat any fish be­cause some con­tain high lev­els of mer­cury which isn’t good for you and your baby.

10.Are you tak­ing any nat­u­ral sup­ple­ments or vitamins to aid your health whilst preg­nant? I take pre­na­tal pills that were pre­scribed to me by the doc­tor to help with the growth of the baby. Other than that my fruits are the nat­u­ral source that I turn to in terms of get­ting my good­ness.

11.Have you ap­proached the preg­nancy glow? I don’t know if I’ve reached that stage be­cause it’s my first time ex­pect­ing but I would like to think so. I’m lov­ing hav­ing more en­ergy to get up and do things and go places.

12. How are you look­ing after your skin as your baby is grow­ing? In the day I drink a lot of water and take long baths, soak­ing my­self in warm water, then fin­ish off with a nor­mal body mois­turiser. At nights I use body scrubs be­cause that is when the itch starts to get real. I use co­conut oil after the scrub es­pe­cially around my tummy area be­fore bed to keep stretch marks at bay.

13. What things are you do­ing for YOU time be­fore your lit­tle one ar­rives? I’ve been read­ing a lot more and tak­ing naps through­out the day on a con­sis­tent ba­sis whilst I can.

14. Do you feel body con­fi­dent dur­ing preg­nancy? If you’d have asked me this three months ago my an­swer would be a def­i­nite no, just be­cause I lost a lot of weight and mus­cle. I looked sick and frail, but right now, YES!! I mean I’m still dis­cov­er­ing how my body con­tin­ues to change each day and that it is a fun and nat­u­ral ex­pe­ri­ence that I have ac­cepted.

15.What are your top 5 tips to stay­ing fit and healthy whilst preg­nant? - Drink­ing lots of water and eat­ing plenty of fruit - Ex­er­cise, whether sim­ply walk­ing or go­ing to the gym - Lis­ten to the doc­tors on what you can do to keep ac­tive, based on your body and per­sonal needs dur­ing preg­nancy - Get a lot of rest, there is a liv­ing thing grow­ing in­side of you, it’s a dif­fer­ent load to carry… so re­lax - Take a lot of ‘you’ time breaks, whether it’s shop­ping, hang­ing out with friends, tak­ing naps…just know that you will not get that time back once your baby comes into the world.

Work­ing out dur­ing preg­nancy isn’t the ideal time to start plan­ning for that half marathon or a time to train for a 20 mile bike ride, it’s the time to cre­ate the health­i­est liv­ing en­vi­ron­ment for your new bun­dle of joy. It should be a time to adopt a healthy and bal­anced life­style in or­der to ben­e­fit both you and your baby both dur­ing and after the birth. Re­mem­ber to al­ways lis­ten to your body and work within your own lim­its as ad­vised by your doc­tor.

Loloma Levu, The Bu­la­li­cious Ac­tivewear Team

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