10 Step Guide to Fam­ily Bud­get­ing

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We have heard, read and seen in the lo­cal me­dia the 2018-2019 na­tional bud­get an­nounce­ment. It will def­i­nitely in­flu­ence cost of liv­ing and how we spend. There­fore, it is im­por­tant that we look at some ways we can cut down our spend­ing as a fam­ily. But how can we all en­sure we are spend­ing our money wisely and ef­fec­tively al­low­ing us to keep track and see where our money truly is go­ing? Let’s break down our ex­penses into some sim­ple sec­tions be­low and see how we can tackle them.


Keep­ing track of how much food is be­ing used in com­par­i­son to how much was bought is so much eas­ier than you may think. Ev­ery week look at what food was left over and wasted, try and cut these prod­ucts out of the next shop and see if you are able to work with­out them. As well as this, go around su­per­mar­kets and look for cheaper al­ter­na­tives, non branded prod­ucts work just as well as branded. When food comes on of­fer that you buy on a reg­u­lar ba­sis, shop in bulk, freeze the items and slowly work your way through. This is one of the eas­i­est way to slowly cut down your spend­ing.


Try and watch what food you are eat­ing and main­tain a healthy and bal­anced diet, get you and your fam­ily more ac­tive. Go­ing on evening walks or week­end strolls to­gether is such a sim­ple way to get back into shape. By keep­ing a healthy life­style there’s less chance your fam­ily will get ill on a reg­u­lar ba­sis re­quir­ing a visit to the doc­tor and the pur­chase of drugs. Keep­ing healthy can con­sid­er­ably cut down your med­i­cal ex­penses.


Ev­ery year the price of cig­a­rettes con­tin­ues to in­crease and is one of the big­gest ex­penses eat­ing away our pock­ets. Try and quite smok­ing, not only will this cut out your out­go­ing costs but will con­trib­ute to you liv­ing a health­ier life­style and stand­ing more chance of be­ing in good health when you reach your older age.


When you aren’t us­ing your water en­sure you turn your taps off prop­erly, turn your water sup­ply off at night to cut down the us­age go­ing through to your taps. Try and save all your dirty pots and

Try to quit smok­ing (photo source:en.wikipedia.org)

Save water - save money! (photo source:en.wikipedia.org)

Keep track of your food ex­penses Photo: Jone Lu­ven­i­toga.

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