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Waka-Nda Strong

Ev­ery month comes with it ‘so­qos’ ga­lore, birth­days, wed­dings, fu­ner­als (re­buke!!), new busi­nesses and so on. There’s a sea­son for ev­ery­thing and also a sea­son to live and to die. Yaqona plays a cru­cial part of ev­ery as­pect of what­ever oc­ca­sion is tak­ing place. Thus each new month too brings about new con­tro­ver­sies, chal­lenges or good old drama. 2Bags just wants to touch on a few cus­toms if you will that in­volves our favourite juice, yaqona and the dra­mas that comes with them.


Grog one takes with usu­ally cus­tom­ary when you are in­vited to a grog place. Do not be like the group who went to have their soli done at a place and the house owner had to buy their se­vu­sevu again. These are the kind clas­si­fied as lep­topiro­sis na­mus’ be­cause who goes to a new place with­out a se­vu­sevu.


When­ever tourists vis­its a new place be­fore­hand they are ad­vised to look up the cus­toms and protocols that coun­tries have. Take the vi­ral video of a tourist who along with a group vis­ited a vil­lage here in Viti Levu. Upon re­ceiv­ing the first bowl of brown la­bel,the tourist am­i­ca­bly pours it over his head. The vil­lage mem­ber did not know whether to laugh or be shocked but of course owne can clearly hear the laugh­ter of the cam­era guy! If 2 Bags was present there ,same time gladly give the guy the blue bucket to drink from. With this hu­mid, dry sea­son with a pinch of rain Fiji is fac­ing try mix­ing your po­tent brown la­bel with rain­wa­ter (if you have any in the tanks) to save on wa­ter and 2 Bags guar­an­tee you, you will see stars like no other and even the Milky way if you get lucky. That’s one deadly com­bi­na­tion rain­wa­ter and yaqona. An­other bom­bas­tic mix would be mix­ing your brown pow­der with warm wa­ter es­pe­cially for the cold nights.That my friend is a dead­li­est mix that will lock and numb your legs and place too you never knew ex­isted. Never 2Bags ad­vises never ever talk about your favourite Rugby team if ma­jor­ity of your grog crew fans the op­pos­ing Rugby Team. That is if you are an AB fan and you are drink­ing with Wal­la­bies fans. My friend call your taxi in ad­vance be­cause the ‘sosoko, deadly bombs you will get with all the talk you make will guar­an­tee, you will have Suva to Nau­sori eyes and legs end of the grog bat­tle. 2Bags salutes all the peo­ple of Fiji, the land and the peo­ple who are ven­tur­ing into their own yaqona busi­ness. Now the whole coun­try has enough to keep us afloat and grog doped un­til the apoc­a­lypse!


Please if you are go­ing to grog some­where take a se­vu­sevu. Even if its just a $2 bag or $5 at least you bring­ing some­thing. Bet­ter yet can put in with your crew for a $10 bag if its non pay­day week.


Base or eat first if you know you are go­ing to whack the grog un­til the next sun­rise. Or if you not the kind to base or eat chaser, drink a lot of wa­ter. Ta­mani in­testines this swipers have. These gang are the deadly ones. Swipers that will make ev­ery­one walk­ing home like zom­bies.


Wash your hands af­ter vis­it­ing the toi­let or bush dur­ing a grog ses­sion and re­mind the taki falla to to wash his hands. 2Bags don’t want any ex­tra funky fla­vors in the mix. To end 2 Bags wishes ev­ery­one a fan­tas­tic Waka-nda Strong mix month and re­mem­ber go hard or paidar home.

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