Shahana Jewels collaborat­es with Fiji Cancer Society

A talent for designing jewellery and the loss of loved ones to cancer has resulted in a collaborat­ion between Shahana Jewels and Fiji Cancer Society. Shahana was born and raised in Fiji and feels strongly about the lack of awareness and help with patient care and in obtaining medical supplies. “I lost my mother to cancer, and my husband lost his father to the disease. I also have several family members and friends that have been touched by cancer. “I wanted to help make a difference and reached out to the CEO for Fiji Cancer Society, Belinda Chan. She was just as excited as I was about the collaborat­ion.” Shahana is proud to say that this is now the second year she is designing jewellery for the Cancer Society. The Rose Quartz necklace and bracelet were specifical­ly designed because the stone’s holistic healing attributes towards breast cancer. Her inspiratio­n for the design comes from a holistic approach, in which there are many examples of severe ailments responding to gemstone therapy. “Rose Quartz, in particular, is known to help breast cancer. It is an excellent support stone that helps release toxins from the body fluids. It also helps lower stress and allows healing of the heart and mind, in turn healing cancerous cells.” The meaning behind the jewellery is what makes the pieces so special, she said. “Each piece is inspired by surviving heroes of cancer and in memory of those who have left their heroic legacy in our hearts.” Contributi­ng towards cancer research absolutely made my job more fulfilling. “When I started my business seven years ago, philanthro­py was a huge part of my core values. Giving back is so important and as we evolve as a business and I am humbled to play a small part. “My jewellery is a means of expression that allows us to make a difference in our communitie­s and continue to give back Shahana said it had been amazing to be part of the ‘community of doers’, seeing so many people coming together to make a difference in the fight against cancer. “The Fiji Cancer Society has really made an impact on a lot of people’s lives, patients and their families.” Shahana Rose Quartz Jewellery will be on sale from 15 October at the Fiji Cancer Office, 2/333 Waimanu Road, Suva. Keep an eye out for posts on both Fiji Cancer Society and Shahana Jewels facebook pages for more informatio­n.

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