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| The Do’s and Don’ts for your Big Day!


Do: Hy­drate your skin. Be sure to drink lots of wa­ter be­fore the day and mois­turise to keep your skin look­ing flaw­less. Use a light oil free mois­turiser on the day (un­less of course you have very dry skin). A good mois­turiser will cre­ate the per­fect base for your makeup and still keep your skin hy­drated. Don’t: Use an SPF mois­turiser. Chances are there will be a lot of flash pho­tog­ra­phy and the flash will bounce off of your skin and make you look greasy. Some foun­da­tions al­ready have SPF pro­tec­tion. Most sun­screens if hit di­rectly with a flash cre­ate a ghostly look­ing im­age called a ‘flash back’ so if you ab­so­lutely must wear sun­screen be sure to speak to your pho­tog­ra­pher about di­rect flash or take test shots with your sun­screen on prior to your big day.


Do: Use con­cealer to brighten any dark­ness un­der the eyes. You want your eyes to look big, bright and beau­ti­ful so stick with neu­tral to bonze or nat­u­ral tones fo­cus­ing the dark­est colour on the outer cor­ners of the eyes and blend the light­est shade to­wards the lid. Use a light high­lighter to fin­ish off your eye makeup by pat­ting the outer cor­ner of your brow bone. Lastly use a nat­u­ral look­ing set of false lashes or even bet­ter use in­di­vid­ual false lashes. This is a great way to make your eyes stand out. Don’t for­get to use wa­ter­proof mas­cara in case you bring on the wa­ter­works. Don’t: Use sparkly eye shad­ows. Too much sparkle will bounce off of flash pho­tog­ra­phy and can cre­ate weird spots in your pho­tos. Again, if you ab­so­lutely must, use shim­mer eye shad­ows.


Do: Go with a nude lipstick. It’s nat­u­ral, sub­tle and gives your lips just enough colour. What’s the best way to find the per­fect nude lip­pie colour to suit you and your un­der­tone? Pull your lower lip for­ward. See the colour? The colour in­side is the per­fect colour to suit you. (*winks*) You’re wel­come! Don’t: Opt for lip-gloss. I can name a mil­lion and one rea­sons why lip-gloss is a bad idea. Lip-gloss does not last long, it can be sticky, and it smudges, if you wear a veil that will cover your face the veil may stick to your lips. Need I go on?


Do: The most im­por­tant tip to take note of. Ap­ply foun­da­tion in thin lay­ers. Al­ways start from the mid­dle of your face and blend out­wards. Al­ways ap­ply con­cealer af­ter foun­da­tion and not be­fore. Foun­da­tion is meant to even out your skin tone while con­cealer is to cover im­per­fec­tions and nor­mally thicker in con­sis­tency. Keep your skin look­ing as nat­u­ral as pos­si­ble. Be sure to set your makeup with a translu­cent set­ting pow­der fo­cus­ing mainly on your t-zone and eye­lids to pre­vent creas­ing. Don’t: Have your makeup done any­where near flu­o­res­cent light­ing. Have your makeup done in nat­u­ral light­ing. Don’t ap­ply too much foun­da­tion, it could look caked on and you may have a hard time evening your foun­da­tion down to your neck to match your face. Lastly spray a hint of set­ting spray to your face to keep your makeup in place and of course your most beau­ti­ful as­set on your day is your smile.

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