September is here again and it’s amazing how time just flies by. Eleven months ago, I joined maiLife magazine keen to rekindle my passion for writing, something I had not done fulltime since 2003 when I last left the mainstream media. Sadly, almost a year after joining this wonderful lifestyle magazine, I have decided to move on and try something else. This means this will be my last issue as Editor. It was a privilege journeying with you through stories and photograph­s, and it is my hope that no matter insignific­ant and negligible the joy these may have imparted, you would find in them windows of opportunit­ies to learn and share with others. I wish every maiLife Magazine and maiLife Café staff, advertiser, contributo­r and ardent reader that journeyed with me nothing but very best. It was great knowing you all and while I only wish we could journey together longer, it is time to bid you goodbye and say moce mada! September is also a time of year known as the wedding season. We just couldn’t overlook the colourful and exciting wedding celebratio­ns that embraced so many of our cultural traditions and turned this important milestone in people’s lives into ceremonies of significan­ce and enormous fun and joy. We are delighted to bring you pictures and stories about some of the noteworthy weddings that took place during the past few weeks, including that of our own publisher, Naziah Ali and soccer star Roy Krishna. We know you join us in wishing them all the best for a marriage that will match the bliss of their special moment. We also share some tips that should help take some of the stress out of organising what for most people is about the most important day of their life. As always we have our regular favourites from Chef Lance Seeto, Dr Krupali Tappoo, the Bulaliciou­s team, Priya Darsni, Ben Mack, Bernadette Rounds- Ganilau and 2 Bags. Until next month, happy reading and keep safe!

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