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Work with parents, says Chand


SCHOOL heads and managers have been urged to work with parents and prioritise the education of every child.

Ministry of Education’s director primary Hem Chand made the plea while addressing school heads and managers during a consultati­on in Savusavu last week.

Mr Chand said it was important for parents to realise that education helped children achieve their dreams.

“In education, a child is the centre and all schools are committed to maintainin­g a high level because our main focus continues to be that of a child,” he said.

“The heart of everything we do in education are our children.

“So I am calling on school heads and managers to continue to encourage parents to recognise that education is the key to success in life.”

He also urged the school heads and managers to remind parents to place the education of their children in their list of priorities.

“The delivery of education to a child is of uttermost importance and we are working on areas like teacher delivery, curricular review and all these are starting points in education for a better Fiji.

“The Government of the day has made education its uttermost priority. And our Government continues to invest in education to battle inequaliti­es that may arise due to gender, race or creed.

“We are working with school heads and managers to deliver the best in education for our children.”

The ministry’s deputy secretary, Timoci Bure, also encouraged school heads and managers to visit parents and work with them in providing the best education for all Fijian children.

“We must remember that some students come to school without breakfast or with no lunch so let’s work with parents to ensure that the children’s needs are attended to,” he said.

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