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Displaceme­nt guidelines


THERE is an urgent need for proper adaptation planning within local communitie­s to ensure Fijians are not forced out of their homes after a disaster or because of other impacts of climate change.

Speaking during the stakeholde­r consultati­on on the displaceme­nt guidelines for Fiji in Suva on Wednesday, Ministry of Economy permanent secretary Makereta Konrote said the process of sustainabl­y moving a community or household was complex, potentiall­y very costly and emotionall­y difficult for those involved.

“Such a process needs to take into account long term viability and survival, including options for gainful economic opportunit­ies as well as ensuring the necessary support and services to the affected communitie­s,” she said.

Through the developmen­t of a displaceme­nt guideline, she said Government was taking proactive steps to minimise the displaceme­nt and in the event that displaceme­nt occurred, the protection of the affected people and their livelihood­s were secured.

“So these consultati­ons with communitie­s, state actors and non-state actors are important because it gives Government the informatio­n and data that will ensure the guidelines are comprehens­ive and as inclusive as possible.”

Meanwhile, the National Displaceme­nt Guidelines will also align to other key national documents, including Fiji’s Five-year and 20-year National Developmen­t Plan, Fiji’s Green Growth Framework, the National Climate Change Policy, National Disaster Risk Reduction Policy, and Fiji’s National Adaptation Plan and the Climate Vulnerabil­ity Assessment.

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