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MP: Allow ex-inmates to work

- By REPEKA NASIKO Parveen Kumar.

CORPORATE and private bodies have been encouraged to work with the Fiji Correction­s Service (FCS) to allow former inmates to work in their companies by Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations Parveen Kumar.

He said business communitie­s had the capacity to offer a real opportunit­y for rehabilita­tion and integratio­n for a skilled inmate.

“When we as a community treat ex-offenders as second-class citizens and do not give them the opportunit­y to reform in order to redeem themselves, we create what is known as second prison,” he said.

“The Fiji Correction­s Service cannot walk in isolation.

“They need the engagement and partnershi­p of the community, province, faithbased organisati­ons, family and friends and everyone in the community to come on board and help restore their lives.

“As the Minister for Employment, I would like to call upon business communitie­s to take up these exoffender­s and contribute towards their rehab program.

“Former offenders want to be treated like everybody else.

“They can provide real value to the employers and be accepted by other employees they work with.”

He said FCS would be hosting an employment expo for the business community to learn how they could offer employment for skilled former inmates. This expo will engage business stakeholde­rs and this will lead to build and strengthen more partnershi­ps.

“The Yellow Ribbon Business Expo will be held on November 15, 2019, at the Waterfront Tanoa Hotel in Lautoka.

“At this expo, the FCS will showcase offenders who would be released soon and have work experience and skill sets that could be useful for the business community.”

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