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Second chance, saving Giving a second chance


GETTING a second chance to earn a living is usually hard. Six years ago my company gave eight former inmates a second chance.

These boys were given cleaning work and when they first started most people were suspicious towards them.

It took a year or so for the people to realise that they have changed. Thanks to the Government and some former magistrate­s who used to come around to counsel these men.

Society has accepted them back. They don’t sleep on the street anymore, but they go back home. These boys helped stop many from pickpocket­ing. Imagine if we all can give a second chance to them. The Government of the day is doing its part and it’s time society does its part. NARAYAN REDDY


Rising cost of living

NOWADAYS I am concerned about the increase in cost of living in our country as there have been increases in prices of goods and services.

As a customer or consumer we should be aware about our right regarding the cost of living when compared with the income we earn weekly or fortnightl­y.

We have the right to question businesses and companies on why the prices of goods and groceries have gone up because our expenses depend on the income we earn. Our salary remains the same whereas the cost of living increases.

Before we spent $100 and went home with four to five plastic bags, but nowadays it can only cover one to two bags. Therefore, I believe that the government of the day should take proper care for the lives of its citizens regarding the fair distributi­on of an individual’s wellbeing and wealth in terms of income and expenses. LEPANI TACIKALOU

Laucala Bay, Suva

Ways to save

I WOULD like to assist Government in suggesting ways to make savings.

· Cut back on overseas trips, have video conference­s where possible;

· Lower travel per diem perks and stay in modest hotels not luxury ones;

· Cut back on phone calls, no personal calls from government offices;

· Plan government trips around the country and visit many projects on the one trip;

· No aircon in government vehicles and if a vehicle is damaged surcharge the driver and the person in charge;

· Multi-skill employees. When my electrical engineer nephew went with the Australian navy to Antarctica, they cut back on four staff members because he could do their job, but of course he was paid a bit more;

· Cut back on entertainm­ent or cut it out altogether;

· Have meetings in government boardrooms not expensive hotels. (its about time government built a decent meeting room –– and yes make it five star –– in the long run we save);

· Don’t make too many promises, when finances run out, the project is half done and will cost us more to upgrade in the future;

· Cut back on the military budget and increase education. When you cut back on education you stunt education growth;

· And no more pipeline promises. Amen.


Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

 ?? Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU ?? This dangerous open manhole at Laqere, Nasinu needs to be covered immediatel­y.
Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU This dangerous open manhole at Laqere, Nasinu needs to be covered immediatel­y.

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