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I am having a natural birth, says Kalki Koechlin


IN a career spanning about a decade, Kalki Koechlin has surely come out as a winner in Bollywood. Apart from her critically acclaimed acting skills, her views and life choices are also something to be reckoned with. Be it standing up for rape survivors in the past or opening up about facing sexual abuse in childhood, Kalki has always stood for women empowermen­t and other important issues that many stars shy away from.

The actress, who is celebratin­g her first pregnancy with boyfriend Guy Hershberg, is now all set to embrace motherhood but says that she will be more conscious to groom the child and would not just follow everything what her parents did.

“There are good things and bad things, I am going to pick some from my parents, and not take others. What I love is that they have been very organic in terms of the community we grew up in, in Pondicherr­y,” Kalki revealed on the fifth season of The Tara Sharma show. The Made in Heaven actress also reveals that her mother had a natural birth at home and there was no epidural. “I am also having a natural birth in a clinic, and will have the option of medicine if it’s needed,” she shares.

While both ladies spoke about a lot of things, Kalki also gave suggestion­s to all the expecting mothers’ families. “I have been through many tough parts and I feel men are so clueless about it. If you are a partner or a family member, find out some of these things. My first trimester was vomiting, weakness and I was really not in good shape. So people in a pregnant women’s life should have some informatio­n on all of that,” she suggests.

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