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Discovery of a sunken ship carrying gold bars, and our first ship, Kaunitoni, went on the slipway after she broke down on her maiden voyage. We brought you this and more over the years


Monday January 19, 1983 sunken ship discovered

ANEW Zealand salvage contractor claims to have discovered the wreck of the General Grant, a passenger ship which sank in 1886 carrying bullion from the Victorian gold fields. The American Ship sank on May 14, 1886, ten days later after leaving Melbourne. Ten of the 83 passengers had survived on an island off Auckland for 18 months before they were rescued. Five others died trying to reach NZ in a small boat.

Western Mining in Fiji

WESTERN Mining Holdings Limited, one of Australia's biggest mining companies, had registered in Fiji a subsidiary company with an authorised capital of $10 million. The main objects of the company, according to its memorandum of associatio­n, are to acquire mines and prospect for metals, ores, oils and natural gas.

Monday January 19, 1976 Kaunitoni on slipway

THE new Government ship Kaunitoni is on the Government slipway in Suva undergoing repairs for seized main shaft. She broke down on her maiden voyage just before reaching her first port of call at Tubou, Lakeba early on Friday morning.

GEA President hits out at Koya

THE president of the General Elector's Associatio­n, Edward Beddoes, had strongly condemmed an allegation by the leader of the opposition National Federation Party, Mr Siddiq Koya, that the Alliance Government contains people who will use legal means to push Indians out of Fiji. He said the country would recall that when the Prime Minister, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, challenged Mr Koya to prove his accusation­s in Parliament, Mr Koya failed to produce evidence.

Tuesday, January 19, 1965

Did not get far with money from dance hall

AFTER the doorkeeper had made a neat pile of two pounds in two shilling pieces, Kaveni Vere came out of the dance hall, picked up the pile of florins and ran away along Rodwell Rd; it was stated in the Suva Magistrate's Court. Vere pleaded not guilty before Mr Thomson to a charge of stealing two pounds, the property of

259,000 pounds road constructi­on

RECONSTRUC­TION of principal highways on Viti Levu cost an estimated 259,000 pounds. The constructi­on works included the Kings Road, between Suva and Nausori and between Lautoka and Bau. Work on these roads were made possible by the decision of the Executive Council to accept certain standards for the reconstruc­tion of principal highways in Viti Levu.

 ??  ?? The Fiji Times front page on Thursday, January 12, 1965. Picture: MATILDA SIMMONS
The Fiji Times front page on Thursday, January 12, 1965. Picture: MATILDA SIMMONS

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