The Fiji Times


NO. 1633


1 ATTESTATIO­N (a) The resulting state (b) Testimony (c) Observant care 2 BERM (a) Shoulder alongside a road (b) A soft round peakless cap (c) Lace trimming on a dress 3 CAVY (a) A small island (b) A hollow place (c) A short-tailed rodent 4 DECOLLATE (a) To embellish (b) To withhold consent (c) To behead 5 ECLECTIC (a) Brilliant (b) Selecting (c) Irregular 6 FLECKESS (a) Without spots (b) Faultless (c) Lacking disrespect 7 GLUTINOUS (a) Greedy (b) Having a gloss (c) Sticky 8 HERL (a) A barb of a feather (b) An ancient Greek monument (c) A longlegged wading bird 9 IMPERCIPIE­NT (a) Not relevant (b) Very slight (c) Unable to perceive 10 JAMBEAU (a) A spiced dish (b) Armour for the leg (c) A large rally of Scouts 11 LIQUESCENT (a) Melting (b) Tongue-shaped (c) Unrestrain­ed 12 MALCONTENT (a) Unskilful (b) Unbecoming­ly bold (c) Dissatisfi­ed 13 NEMBUTAL (a) A form of sleeping pill (b) A round-worm (c) An agent of retributio­n 14 OPPILATE (a) To stop up (b) To assail by criticism (c) To call in question 15 PLANTAIN (a) A large estate (b) A banana-like fruit (c) A variety of printing press 16 QUENDA (a) An uneasy feeling (b) The brown bandicoot (c) A hand mill for grinding corn 17 RETRORSE (a) Disposed to be silent (b) Netlike (c) Turned backwards 18 SENARY (a) Ageing (b) Befitting a senator (c) Relating to the number six 19 TABOR (a) A prohibitio­n (b) A small drum (c) A striking scene 20 VORTICOSE (a) Whirling (b) Greedy in eating (c) Clamorous

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