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High pressure system


THE high pressure (HP) system that was situated to the far south-west of the Fiji Group played its part well from our perspectiv­e.

It served as a decent barrier to disallow the passage of TC Tino, through the middle of the Fiji Group as some overseas models had earlier forecasted.

It managed to remain strong and persistent enough to steer TC Tino much further east and away from the major landmass and the islands of the Lau Group. Its accelerate­d trek from Friday onwards was also a great help.

While there was structural and infrastruc­tural damage to utilities from the heavy rain, flooding, landslides and strong winds, we were in all spared the devastatin­g destructio­n from its full wrath and fury.

Luckily, we were all a good distance away from it during its trek. We were indeed lucky this time.

Were TC Sarai and Tino, the forecasted Category 2 or more cyclones that were forecasted for this cyclone season?

Can we now say that’s it? I believe that there are a few more low pressures (LP) areas to the north-west of us which may have a tendency to unfortunat­ely develop into TCs at worst. I hope not.

Anyway, I hope that while the helpful HP to the south will soon disintegra­te, I also hope that there will be other HPs developing south of us to steer away any pesky LPs and TCs wannabees in the north who wish to make a visit to our waters.

These new HPs should just allow the LPs who have no aspiration to become a TC or even a disturbanc­e or depression to enter our waters. These kinds of LPs are indeed most welcome to visit because they can bring much needed rain during our festive season.

I am sure EFL and WAF will also agree with that arrangemen­t.

EDWARD BLAKELOCK Admiral Circle Pacific Harbour

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