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Alleviatin­g our road problems


I REFER to your editorial “Our frustratin­g roads” (FT Sat 18/1). I assert the queues can be alleviated to some degree by adopting the below measures:

 Commandeer­ing the third lane for traffic to Suva during morning peak hours and to Nausori during the afternoon after the appropriat­e public communicat­ions to alert the driving public.

Since police are already at crucial traffic points, they will help enforce this arrangemen­t;

 Urging slow drivers to move over to the kerbside lane(s) unless overtaking and bus drivers to be fined if blatantly negligent and obstructiv­e to free traffic flow at the bus stops; and

 Something needs to be done to drivers who are inconsider­ate in not driving according to the traffic conditions and drive in a way that sets up isolated pockets of congested traffic especially when they are hogging the inner lanes. To some degree the congestion is because of inconsider­ate driving and not actual lack of road space.

Let us adopt the above and see what relief that will bring and with that experience the way forward to more relief may be gleaned.

As for the FRA and the road conditions, how is the hundreds of millions it is allocated, spent.

All comes back to the government we have not being open enough.

Finally, it beggars belief that for however long they have been patching up roads these maintenanc­e crews cannot seem to figure out how much coal tar to fill the holes with so when it is compacted will leave a flat patch rather than bumps. It is not rocket science.

My last suggestion that these road contractor­s use a bigger and heavier driven road compactor rather than the cheap, light and pushed vibrating ones they currently use.

While the pushed vibrating ones is good for the contractor­s hip pocket in the perpetual work and re-work they are doing, it is not good for taxpayer value and certainly not for the drivers with the bumps they leave behind.

It is just plain logic, the more firmly compressed they are the longer they last. It is not rocket science. MAREKO VULI


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