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Performanc­e of teachers

I REFER to Simon Hazelman’s letter titled “Teacher performanc­e” (19/01).

I respect Simon’s opinion as I am of the belief that every citizen has the right to an opinion which must be respected. Contrary to his opinion, I must remind my good friend that there are teachers who value the teaching profession and carry out their duties diligently with or without the APA increment.

These teachers have a positive attitude, dress appropriat­ely to school, act smart, are passionate about their job, are creative, show empathy and are fully committed in activities inside and outside the classroom.

There are teachers out there who are early to school and prepare well for their classes.

As a result their students enjoy their classes. There are teachers who prepare remedial activities for the slow learners and go out of their way to help these slow learners attain a pass.

Then there are teachers who sacrifice their evenings and Saturdays to take extra classes to help improve the percentage pass rate. Remember there’s no extra pay for this sacrifice made by these teachers.

There are teachers who help with fundraisin­g activities so that their students can take part in extracurri­cular activities like soccer, volleyball, rugby, netball and athletics.

These teachers do not want their children to be deprived of activities such as Kaji Rugby, Coke Games, secondary and primary schools IDC and the Deans competitio­n to name a few.

There are teachers who are role models in their communitie­s and lead community-based activities. Their presence is felt during funerals, weddings and other religious activities such as church and during Ramayan recitals.

There are teachers who make home visits to make their children feel special. There are teachers who camp with students during sporting activities. They sleep on the floor and leave aside their family comfort.

There are teachers whose students talk highly about them openly because these teachers have left a mark and an impression. There are teachers who have developed writers such as Mr Hazelman.

There are teachers who have nurtured lawyers, doctors, accountant­s, teachers, nurses, government ministers and the list goes on.

Dear Simon, there are good teachers and these teachers must be rewarded. The rate at which our teachers are migrating for greener pastures must ring alarm bells and if the welfare of teachers is not looked after well, our neighbours Australia and NZ will have the cream of our teachers.

I agree that teachers have much to learn in terms of capacity building and I’m sure that they’ll do that happily provided they are provided resources, assistance, motivation and a decent pay.

The experience­s of a few bad teachers must not be compared against the hard work and commitment of the many good teachers out there. Teachers must be given due respect and recognitio­n in our society and continuous outbursts and negative comments will only demoralise our teachers. To our teachers, all the best!

RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Balgovind Rd, Nadawa, Nasinu

 ?? Picture: TIMOCI VULA ?? This open manhole poses a threat to pedestrian­s along Grantham Rd near the Nailuva Rd junction in Raiwai, Suva.
Picture: TIMOCI VULA This open manhole poses a threat to pedestrian­s along Grantham Rd near the Nailuva Rd junction in Raiwai, Suva.

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