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Rectificat­ion of lease boundaries


WORK on the rectificat­ion of pine lease boundaries in Bua will continue this year says Fiji Pine Trust manager extension services Pita Rokobiau.

After an uproar from landowners in the province in 2018 regarding the irregulari­ty of pine lease maps owned by iTaukei Land Trust Board and Fiji Pine Ltd there had been calls for the review of lease boundaries with landowners accusing the company of overplanti­ng beyond their lease boundaries.

Landowners were particular­ly concerned as most of these land involved primary native land that had been cultivated by FPL since it was establishe­d.

In an interview last week Mr Rokobiau said he understood that work was continuing and that the two agencies were liaising over the issue.

“FPL is working hard to clarify boundaries to all this landowning units,” he said.

“Many of the lease boundaries in discussion had been handed over to the company through lease which the current generation are unaware of.”

Meanwhile in June last year Minister for Forests Osea Naiqamu had said work on the review of FPL’s lease boundaries would be a continuous exercise by the ministry, the company, TLTB and landowners.

Mr Naiqamu had told landowners during a consultati­on that the two entities were given time the previous year to look into the difference­s and reconcile themselves for the sake of pine landowners.

He had said work was still continuing and it would progress depending on complaints received from landowners.

He had also assured landowners that if it was establishe­d that reserved land had been overplante­d and not leased by FPL, the land in question would be returned to landowners.

FPL is working hard to clarify boundaries to all this landowning units – Pita Rokobiau

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