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Lift your game, officers urged


AGRICULTUR­AL officers in the Western Division have been urged to improve work ethic and service delivery.

The reminder comes from the Ministry of Agricultur­e permanent secretary Ritesh Dass who visited officers in the region earlier last week.

Mr Dass urged staff members to ensure that funds were used with a view to boost agricultur­al production and to deliver growth in agricultur­al activities in their respective localities.

“We need to be on the forefront of delivering superior client service as we have to service the needs of the farmers and help them grow,” he said.

“Our primary responsibi­lity is towards our farmers, which is why we want our service delivery to be superior and impeccable. “This will in turn ensure we are positively contributi­ng to the economic growth of our country.”

He said the ministry expected each civil servant to improve speed of delivery and precision execution.

“Focus should be on doing things right the first time, but we should not be afraid to try new things, and in doing so, should not be nervous about making mistakes. That’s how we learn.

“I am happy for people who try new ideas and approaches and even if it doesn’t work, we will try again.

“Agricultur­e has huge potential and we have very specific goals to achieve but the onus is on you, field officers because you are in the driver’s seat.

“We will support you fully, but we all need to work together to achieve positive results.”

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