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Alcohol duty


THE drop in alcohol duty has irked a portion of society.

Alcohol is not bad, it’s the excessive and irresponsi­ble use that’s bad.

If people have their priorities right, they won’t buy it during these times.

Furthermor­e, civil servants haven’t lost any pay, they can enjoy it, so can members of parliament and people on salaries that look like “phone numbers”.

And we have to think of the people who work in the brewery, they too have to earn.

As it is, now the bottler collectors are complainin­g because their business has gone down because people are buying less beer.

So, if need be let’s license people like the time of prohibitio­n.

Then again, around 1966 people had a licence to drink, then it was deemed discrimina­tory and people fought for equal rights and everybody could consume alcohol.

Pubs’ opening times were restricted, so that the working many couldn’t spend too much time in them and wasted well-earned money. Today it’s a problem. Well, I’m just saying. ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Lautoka

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