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Japan to discharge radioactiv­e waste


THE discharge of radioactiv­e waste (advanced liquid processing system) into the Pacific Ocean will begin in two years.

This, according to the Japanese embassy’s second secretary Masataka Mizutani.

He said after approval by the independen­t Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA), the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) would discharge the treated water into the sea.

“Subject to the approval of the independen­t nuclear regulation authority, TEPCO will conduct the discharge into the sea which is envisaged to take place approximat­ely after two years,” he said.

He said the government of Japan would engage and conduct assessment­s to ensure the safety of discharge, transparen­cy and accountabi­lity.

“The water will be purified or re-purified and diluted to meet the regulatory standards.”

He said Japan’s regulatory standards for discharge were based on the recommenda­tions of the Internatio­nal Commission for Radiologic­al Protection (ICRP), keeping the additional public radiation below one millisieve­rt per year.

He said they were constantly consulting and meeting with the Pacific Island leaders and the Forum Secretaria­t to inform them of the progress and seek permission.

“The Internatio­nal Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been assisting and constantly monitoring and so far they have made 16 visits to Japan.”

He said they would release the water gradually to minimise the risk.

“It is a large amount of water, so we won’t be releasing it all at once.”

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