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NO. 1827


1 ALGESIA (a) Whiteness (b) Loss of speech (c) Sensitivy to pain 2 BOTARGO (a) An illegal drinking den (b) A relish made of mullet or tunny roe (c) The studio of an artist and his assistants

3 CESTUS (a) An ancient boxing glove loaded with metal (b) A tapeworm or bladder worm (c) A writing on wax 4 DEPILATE (a) To remove the hair from (b) To refuse to admit (c) To testify upon oath

5 EPIGONE (a) A concise and pointed saying (b) An inscriptio­n on a building (c) An inferior imitator

6 FORAY (a) A small opening (b) Food for horses and cattle (c) A raid 7 GERMANE (a) Relevant (b) Capable of developing (c) Sincere 8 HALLING (a) A bird’s hind toe (b) A Norwegian country dance (c) A bugle call

9 INANE (a) Natural to the mind (b) Unfit (c) Senseless

10 JIRGA (a) A council of tribal elders in Afghanista­n (b) An unlucky influence (c) A two-wheeled trailer for carrying logs

11 LINGUIST (a) Linen goods (b) One who has a good knowledge of languages (c) A shoemaker’s waxed thread

12 METAGE (a) A household (b) Repentance (c) Official weighing of coal, grain etc

13 NAWAB (a) A Muslim prince or noble (b) An admiral in ancient Greece (c) An Indian court official who served summonses

14 OKRA (a) A Japanese figurine (b) A tropical plant with edible pods (c) An animal of Central Africa 15 PERTINACIT­Y (a) Impudence (b) Resolutene­ss (c) Waywardnes­s 16 RENAL (a) Of the kidneys (b) Reluctant (c) Coming into renewed vitality

17 SANNYASI (a) A beast of burden (b) One of the six great systems of orthodox Hindu philosophy (c) A Hindu religious hermit who lives by begging 18 TABESCENT (a) Wasting away (b) Having the aroma of crushed sesame seeds (c) Cut into flat, very thin strips 19 UMBROUS (a) Prudish (b) Shaded (c) Offensive

20 WAKIKI (a) A Maori pendant (b) A large fast-moving marine food and game fish (c) Shell money

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