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NO. 1828


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ALAMORT (a) According to the fashion (b) Able to understand (c) Half-dead BATRACHIA (a) Frogs and toads (b) Subsistenc­e money (c) A supposed directive force in evolution CHIRAGRA (a) One who treats minor foot ailments (b) Gout in the hand (c) A high official in the Russian civil service DAIMIO (a) A cocktail containing rum and lime juice (b) A Japanese territoria­l noble under the old feudal system (c) A bushy 18th century wig EXANIMATE (a) Lifeless or depressed (b) Having no tail (c) Containing grooves or furrows FRUMENTY (a) A dowdy woman (b) A dish of fowl or rabbit served in sauce (c) Flavoured hulled wheat boiled in milk

GNEISS (a) A sprite guarding the inner parts of the earth (b) A coarse-grained rock (c) A lump or knot in a tree HUMA (a) The bone of the upper arm (b) A fabulous bird in Persian mythology (c) A kind of plain, coarse cotton cloth INSIDIOUS (a) Deceptive and treacherou­s (b) Wanting spirit or interest (c) Not sincere

JOTA (a) A Chinese idol (b) A Spanish dance (c) An iron necklace 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

LIGNE (a) A measure of watch movement (b) Brown coal (c) A bond of union MESNE (a) Begging (b) Measurable (c) In law, intermedia­te

NAIK (a) A corporal of Indian infantry (b) A river or spring nymph (c) A West African antelope

OCULAR (a) Eightfold (b) Uncultured (c) Relating to the eye PANARY (a) Suitably sensitive to all colours (b) Pertaining to bread (c) Epidemic over a wide area RESILE (a) To rebound (b) To submit calmly (c) To rearrange SALMANAZAR (a) A large wine bottle (b) A dish of minced meat with eggs and anchovies (c) A large genus of bacteria

TESTUDO (a) A Henry VIII shilling (b) The solemn declaratio­n in writing of one’s will (c) A wheeled shelter used by Roman besiegers

VERSANT (a) The top or summit (b) The general slope of surface of a country (c) A very short organ interlude or prelude

ZINGEL (a) A fish of the perch family (b) An old wind instrument like the cornet (c) A type of bath sponge

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