Airguide Destinations Airport Guide - Paris (CDG, ORY)

Paris Orly Airport (ORY)


• Level 0 is the Arrivals Level of TS with baggage claim, informatio­n counters, tourist counters, and meeting point in the center. Outside of it on opposite ends re the Orlyval train entrances.

• Level 1 is the Departures Level of TS divided into a non-Schengen Hall A and a Schengen Hall B. It houses food & drink & retail concession­s, including duty-free shops, a pharmacy, informatio­n counter. Access to the gates are partitione­d between Security check and Border control.

• The center houses gates A40-A42 & A1-10.

• Hall A to the right houses gates A11-A27;

• Hall B to the left has gates B2-B20.

• Level 2 Mezzanine of TS houses a prayer area, food & drink, & a conference center.

• Level 3 Mezzanine of TS has 2 restaurant­s on opposite sides.

• Level 4 Mezzanine of TS houses various conference centers, the Orly Internatio­nalÕ, a baby-care facility, and an outdoor patio with trees & benches.

Terminal West (TW) at Paris Orly Airport intended for most long-haul flights has three levels: Levels 0,1 & 2:

• Level 0 of TW is the Arrivals level (divided into Arrivals 1-4 (east to west) -each of which has its own baggage claim & services and its center has a meeting point. The Informatio­n counter is near Arrivals 02 baggage claim.

• Level 1 of TW is the Departures level divided into a Central Hall, with Halls (Boarding areas) 3 & 4 to the left, and 1 & 2 to the right.

• Hall 1 leads to departures 10 (gates 10A-10P);

• Hall 2 leads to departures 20 (gates20A-20L). The new & free digitally-connected Escape Business Lounge Hall 2 with WiFi access seats 32 passengers.

• Hall 3 leads to departure 30 (no gate indication) & at opposite side: Hall 3 to departures 31 (gates 31A-31F); the new OpenSkies Airline Premium Business-class Lounge 212 Orly WestÕ is a few feet from the OpenSky boarding gate.

• Hall 4 leads to Departures 40 (gates 40A-40G.

• Level 2 Mezzanine of TW houses La Brasserie & the Business Center. A moving walkway close to Door A and Hall 01 connects to the South Terminal. An escalator in the Central Hall connects to the Mezzanine level 2, while Elevators take you to parking P0.

Important Notices:

• Until 2019 thee is ongoing constructi­on work between the two terminals. It is possile that your paths through your terminal may have been changed. Check your boarding area and location of baggage dropoff counters for your flight. Note that the time limit for your baggage deposit is is 45 minutes, and arrival at the gate is 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure. Add plenty of time to get to the Airport for summer travel!

• Also, due to weather- or strike-related flight cancelatio­ns, it is important that passengers contact their airlines before departing to the Airport!

• European citizens traveling to France will again need to have either an identity card valid for foreign travel or a valid passport.

• Multimedia spaces with iPads are available at boarding area of South Terminal’s Hall B.

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